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Announcing the keynote speakers for the AWS Summit Washington, DC 2022

At the AWS Summit Washington, DC, vice president of worldwide public sector at Amazon Web Services (AWS), Max Peterson, will take the stage to talk about the public sector’s digital transformation and celebrate the pioneers who are breaking barriers and driving change. Max will share announcements, customer stories, and updates on initiatives that we hope will inspire you.

The AWS Summit Washington DC is a no-cost, in-person event to help public sector organizations deepen their cloud knowledge and gain new skills to design and deploy solutions in the cloud to accelerate missions. Read more about the summit, check out the session content in the agenda-at-a-glance, and register for the Summit.

The keynote on Tuesday, May 24 at 11:30 AM ET will also feature three AWS customer speakers who will share stories of how they’re leveraging the cloud to get the agility, resilience, and security needed to keep pushing boundaries. These speakers are:

United States Postal Service (USPS)

Pritha Mehra is the chief information officer (CIO) and executive vice president of the United States Postal Service (USPS). At USPS, Pritha oversees one of the world’s largest technology infrastructures with five national deployment and solution centers; 37,000 network locations; 20,000 servers; and more than 950 applications on more than 215,000 devices—processing more than 90 petabytes of data per year. Pritha drives secure innovative capabilities and digital transformation to support the organization’s mission to be the nation’s preferred delivery service.

Previously, as vice president of information technology at USPS, she pivoted the 1,800-person IT group to operate at scale through a cloud-smart migration, transition to an agile framework, and secure the development pipeline for more than 900 applications. As vice president, mail entry and payment technology, she led innovations for business customers that captured more than $40 billion in annual revenue and over $200 million in annual revenue shortage and savings.

During the keynote, Pritha will share how the USPS quickly supported the White House initiative to deliver no cost COVID test kits by leveraging AWS Cloud solutions. To date, USPS has delivered these kits to more than 160 million households across the US.


Quentin “Q” Donnellan is president for space and defense at Hypergiant. In that role, he directs multiple teams actively delivering solutions to the U.S. Air Force, U.S. Space Force, and U.S. Army. Hypergiant uses data from space to help accelerate terrestrial solutions and the expansion of humanity beyond the earth for the longevity of our species.

Quentin’s prior experience spans more than a decade in software engineering, machine learning, and aerospace engineering across a range of industries including aerospace, defense, retail, privacy, and education.

By leveraging the cloud, AWS aerospace customers are making it simpler for organizations to access global data and imagery from satellites to help drive faster decision-making. During the keynote, Quentin will discuss how his organization is using the cloud to provide insights and visualizations to customers operating on the edges of connectivity, and under compressed timelines—helping them make mission-critical decisions at the speed of relevancy.

Tufts Medicine

Dr. Shafiq Rab is the chief digital officer, system CIO, and executive vice president for Tufts Medicine. With over 2,400 physicians serving four million patients across eastern Massachusetts, Tufts Medicine’s launch of its Digital Healthcare Ecosystem and implementation of Epic on AWS marks it as the largest health system running its full production in the cloud. Tufts Medicine also migrated and integrated 40 supporting clinical systems, deployed a multi-lingual chatbot, and enabled virtual care services using Amazon Connect. With the capabilities provided by their new digital health ecosystem, Tufts Medicine is driving IT savings estimated at 30% and they are continuing to innovate with healthcare analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) services services serving both providers and patients.

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