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How One Small Business Customer Pivoted to Telemedicine in 90 Days

It’s no small challenge to keep patient information accessible, compliant and secure in the healthcare business. When COVID-19 forced medicine online, it only added to the complexity of delivering high quality and secure telemedicine. Amazon Web Services worked with ProDoctor to unify their collaboration tools and deploy a secure telemedicine solution in only three months (90 days). Although ProDoctor is a small business, it has created a large impact in Brazilian healthcare. I talked with CEO, Jomar Nascimento, about how ProDoctor’s cloud journey helped them to respond quickly to customer needs.

Solving business challenges with cloud

Q. Jomar, ProDoctor has a great origin story that many small business owners can relate to, can you share that with us?

A. I was really fortunate to learn that I love technology at a young age. Ever since then, I have been working with technology and electronics. By the time I was 18, I started developing a healthcare solution for a small clinic back in my city. Some years later it became what we call ProDoctor. At first ProDoctor was designed to build required medical applications. Now ProDoctor is one of the leading companies in Brazil for the healthcare markets, and we have a complete solution that can make it possible for the doctors and employees in a clinic to access our system. So we can do billing, we can do the medical records, we can do financing, and we can help in other solutions like telemedicine We have about a hundred employees right now, and people connected to ProDoctor all over Brazil, reselling our product. We generate a lot of jobs all over the country and we have today about 50,000 users.

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Q. When you originally sought out AWS solutions, one of your primary concerns was maximizing accessibility for users while keeping information as secure as possible. Can you share how you addressed that challenge?

A. One thing that we are very concerned about is the security of clients’ data. That’s why we have chosen to use AWS as one of our providers and, in fact, it’s our main provider for internet services applications.

During the pandemic, we decided to create something new that did not exist at that time, and that was a unified solution where everything is contained in the same place. We took our medical required application and combined it with the Amazon Chime teleconference solution. We also added our digital prescription, drug database, and digital signature technology. With this we could provide something that was simpler, more secure, and easy to use.

Fast deployment to respond to customer needs

Q. The pandemic caught many healthcare companies off guard, but ProDoctor was able to quickly deploy its telemedicine solution, and achieve high satisfaction among customers. Tell us how you were able to succeed where others didn’t?

A. There was a lot of pressure for us to release this application, and it’s kind of unbelievable that we could develop everything in about three months. Users loved the solution. They can’t believe that it was possible to do a teleconsultation in such an easy way. We have grown the usage of the service since, and we see this as an opportunity for the patients to keep their treatments going even during the pandemic.

It has been great to work with AWS since the beginning. AWS events are really valuable, especially re:Invent, because it’s very important to have everybody in one place and have everybody there, all the engineers, all the technologies. I could access everything I needed in one place.


ProDoctor was able to innovate and respond rapidly to market needs through collaboration with AWS. Cloud solutions helps small and medium-sized organizations in the healthcare industry effectively deliver secure and easy to use services for better customer experiences. Learn more about how we can help healthcare companies benefit from cloud innovation. Still new to cloud? Get started with the basics of creating a smart business.

Wallysson Santos

Wallysson Santos

Wallysson Santos is an Account Manager who supports SMB customers at AWS. He has a background in complex deals involving digital transformation and a record of success in account management and business development. Before joining AWS, he was a Senior Account Executive at Microcity. Wallysson is based in Brazil.

Jomar Nascimento

Jomar Nascimento

Jomar Nascimento is co-founder and CEO of ProDoctor, where he applies his expertise in digital health, information security, and software development to plan and implement the company's strategy. For over 25 years, ProDoctor has been a pioneering company which allowed them to maintain their position of prominence an set the benchmark for healthcare software.