Cloud Services for Small and Medium Healthcare Businesses

Digitize operations and build apps with cloud technology for healthcare.
Healthcare cloud solutions

Digitization is transforming healthcare services

As a healthcare or life sciences company, you have to juggle the challenges of protecting your company's medical records, proprietary research, and other data while also meeting the government’s ever-changing regulatory requirements. With Amazon Web Services cloud technology, you’ll have a reliable, secure way to digitize patient interactions and protect important files. AWS offers the highest level of cloud security for healthcare business leaders.

Improving the healthcare experience, controlling costs, and driving efficiency in the cloud

Benefits of using the cloud in healthcare

Streamline patient and clinician experience with digital tools

Protect data and address regulatory needs such as HIPAA

Develop secure, compliant, and scalable solutions

Reduce IT costs and increase operational efficiency

Modernize your healthcare organization in the cloud

With cloud adoption, your team can:

  • Explore new data analysis strategies which can lead to smart healthcare investments
  • Forecast healthcare costs, make informed clinical decisions, and manage IT costs
  • Access and host health apps, medical records, and medical research to make your healthcare SMB more competitive
Learn How ProDoctor Creates Innovative and User-Friendly Solutions for Telemedicine (2:21)

Customer story: Creating user-friendly solutions for telemedicine

Learn How ProDoctor Creates Innovative and User-Friendly Solutions for Telemedicine (2:21)

What began as a small medical application has grown into a full set of modern services for healthcare providers. See why ProDoctor uses AWS Cloud to host their telehealth platform.

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