In.Sight magazine cover issue 1

Perspectives for SMB Leaders

The inaugural issue of In.Sight focuses on the essentials of AI—what it is and how small and medium businesses can take action.
man of colour looking at data on a big screen on the wall
Unleash your potential with AI

The capabilities of AI and generative AI—and the opportunities they pose for businesses to innovate, increase productivity, and find new efficiencies—are fostering new conversations about what is possible.

Highlights include

As AI rapidly evolves, it can be hard for SMBs to keep up. The buzz around AI and generative AI can seem overwhelming and gives way to many questions around what opportunities might be available.

In the early 2000s, the talk of the Consumer Electronics Show was internet- enabled microwaves, dishwashers, fridges, and other home appliances. The possibilities of having these devices connected to the internet—reminiscent of the American animated sitcom, The Jetsons—seemed like an exciting wave of the future.

The proper use of data—about team performance, customers, or data about the competition—has the potential to dramatically help businesses scale. But many don’t know how to properly leverage their data, or even where to begin.