Cloud Security Solutions for Small and Medium Businesses

Cloud security technology gives your business the confidence it needs to protect its most valuable data.

Secure cloud solutions for small or medium businesses

Securing your SMB requires more than a handful of passwords. Move away from ineffective network security procedures that could expose your company to risk or loss. Cloud data security allows you to securely manage your most important data offsite without the cost of on-premises servers. Amazon Web Services is designed to help you protect company information, business applications, and employees' devices.

AWS offers you:

  • The ability to improve core security and compliance requirements
  • Flexible, pay-as-you-go security services
  • Automation for manual security tasks
  • A Shared Responsibility Model where we work to protect our cloud infrastructure and you focus on keeping your individual files secure

Get expert help on your SMB's next security project

ZenQMS Leverages Cloud-Based Compliance Programs for the Life Sciences Industry (1:25)

Network and data security solutions for companies of all sizes

AWS tools offer affordable, customizable solutions for network and data security. Find out how one company with remote teams used the cloud to keep customer data secure.

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AWS Cloud security features help you protect your business.

With cloud adoption, you can benefit from a wide range of security features including encryption, backups, remote work protection, and more. We have affordable tools designed for SMBs, and experts on hand to help.

AWS Security services include:

Improve your data security practices in the cloud

New to the cloud? Learn how to enhance security for your SMB in this on-demand series. Access the series exclusively by joining the AWS Connected Community to learn from experts and other business leaders.

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