Cloud IT Experts for Small and Medium Businesses

Cloud consulting services and AWS Certified experts to start or continue your journey into the cloud.

Digitize your SMB faster with trusted cloud talent

Whether you have limited in-house IT staff—or none at all—it shouldn’t prevent you from transforming your business. AWS recognizes no two SMBs are the same and recommends a few options based on your specific needs. Work with AWS experts to help you:

Securely migrate data
to the cloud

Find solutions for cloud migration  

Modernize your custom
business apps

Learn more  

Automate your daily

Learn about AI for SMBs  

Get guidance from a local IT expert

If you know what specific services you need but want help with planning, implementation, and enablement over a period of time, find an AWS expert in your region. They are trusted advisors who help match SMBs to vetted consultants.

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Get on-demand, freelance IT project support

Need to migrate a website, find ways to reduce IT costs, or handle other basic tasks? Let an AWS Certified freelancer help you execute one-time cloud projects in your AWS account. You only pay for the scoped project and no additional services.

“Our AWS experts provided outstanding service and completed all tasks thoroughly and quickly. We look forward to working with them in the future whenever we have additional IT and or application development needs.”

Chase Pierson, Principal, Scan2Plan

“I didn’t have any knowledge of AWS. With OneData, we found a very reliable, human-centric, skilled partner who has empathy for companies encountering technical issues.”

Isaac Ewhuiknebueze, Owner and Founder, Collegely