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AI-Powered IT Analytics with Numerify

As IT companies change their infrastructure and deploy new systems to achieve chain success, they need to find new ways to reduce service costs and optimize resource utilization. Numerify is an AI-powered IT analytics company that provides businesses, such as Fortune 500 companies, with these solutions, using predictive analysis to gauge how likely it is that these changes will be successful. Numerify helps IT organizations succeed in progressing from planning to development to operations, and predicts end-to-end IT operations. Shekhar Rajvanshy, who runs engineering and DevOps for the company, discusses how Numerify pulls information from multiple sources and presents analytics “on a single pane of glass,” rather than as a data silo. These purpose-built analytics are provided across verticals, and Numerify’s applications maintain customizations as platforms are upgraded and new features are integrated, resulting in quick time-to-value and easy upgrades.

“As we grow into new use cases,” says Rajvanshy, “as we look at solutions with these new technologies, our big focus is building the models, doing the scoring in our regular data pipelines. Then, on top of that, it’s going to be talking to our customers and identifying new-use cases for machine-learning.”