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Migrating web services from Amazon Lightsail to EC2

At, the Palo Alto-based startup I founded last year, we build a search engine for programmers. As such, we run many experiments involving features that enrich results from our search indices before we display those results to our users. Most of these features require us to deploy backing web services.

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API developer tool stream powers feeds and chats

Stream Powers Feeds and Chat for over 500 Million End Users with AWS

Stream has come a long way since they first started working with AWS, and now powers feeds and chat for more than 500 million end-users. In this blog post, Thierry Schellenbach, the Co-Founder and CEO of Stream covers some of the best practices and AWS services that allowed them to sustain this rapid growth.

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Enabling Cloud-Native App Builds with KintoHub

Deploy Cloud Native Apps in Seconds with KintoHub

Developer workflow KintoHub enables developers to build cloud-native apps. Founder Joseph Cooper shares how trying to find the sweet spot between a gaming API development platform and GitHub eventually led to KintoHub’s creation. Cooper also talks through how customers use KintoHub, how many startups he has founded, and what his thoughts are on the Hong Kong startup scene.

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Mapbox Satellite View Tennessee

How Mapbox Created a Flexible Artifact Building System Using AWS CodeBuild

Last year, the Mapbox Platform team decided that in order to better serve developers at the company, we should combine all of our existing artifact-creation tools into a single-unified system. This system, which we named artifacts, provides an easy to use, extendable platform for creating any type of build artifact. Here’s how we did it.

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