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Braze Co-Founder on How Tech Humanizes Communications

Whether it’s via phones, cars, speakers, or even watches, brands have an ever-increasing number of places to reach consumers. The catch, however, is that consumers are getting savvier—and more demanding—about how brands are engaging with them.

“Customers have high expectations… that brands are going to deliver relevant, personalized, and important messages to them that add a lot of value,” says Braze co-founder and chief technology officer Jon Hyman. For the most part, consumers don’t understand—nor care—whether they are getting a discount or new product notice from a brand’s email or app team. “All they care about is: is it delivering a great product experience, is it valuable to me, is it adding value, and is it relevant to me,” he says.

To do this, companies need to break down silos and connect their data, technology, and teams, says Hyman. Email, app, and web experience teams need to work together if they want to deliver a great customer experience that’s personalized across channels. “We shouldn’t have three separate teams and three different data sets,” says Hyman. Instead, companies should be more in the mindset of: “We need to deliver a great customer experience, and that has to be personalized across channels.” Between emails, push notifications, in-app messaging, and the web browser, everything has to relate to what the customer is doing.

Watch above as Hyman explain how his marketing startup Braze uses technology to humanize communications between brands and their customers on a global scale.

Michelle Kung

Michelle Kung

Michelle Kung currently works in startup content at AWS and was previously the head of content at Index Ventures. Prior to joining the corporate world, Michelle was a reporter and editor at The Wall Street Journal, the founding Business Editor at the Huffington Post, a correspondent for The Boston Globe, a columnist for Publisher’s Weekly and a writer at Entertainment Weekly.