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How dely Uses Amazon SageMaker to Provide Personalized Recipe Recommendations

Since dely is able to create its own recipe content, the startup can control both human wave-attack based and rule-based annotation, as well as how to apply feedback from user activities. In particular, Amazon SageMaker allows dely to train and deploy models quickly without the cost of additional resources. Here’s how.

Logograb uses ML to Help Marketers Quantify ROI at Scale

Nowadays, it seems like media and online advertisers have been in an ongoing battle between measuring their effort’s ROI and being dealt incorrect information from platform providers (Facebook, et al). Luckily there are startups working to help, like LogoGrab, a visual AI company that looks to help marketers quantify the impact of their brand at scale.

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WebEngage: Personalizing Customer Engagement with AWS

As customers are distributed across different channels of acquisition, including social media, display advertising, or paid search, marketers need to deploy a strategy that spans across web, mobile, in-app, SMS, email, Facebook. The strategy also needs to follow the customer’s multi-platform journey to purchase. Founded in 2011, WebEngage enables marketers to do just this.

ChatCampaign Moves Loyalty Programs to Messaging Apps

ChatCampaign Moves Loyalty Programs to Messaging Apps

Claudia Sin, Founder, CEO, and CTO of ChatCampaign, shares how by moving loyalty program messaging from email to applications like What’sApp and Facebook Messenger, the Hong Kong-based startup helps programs provide a more engaging, authentic experience. She also shares why this technology is necessary, what she’s learned as a founder of multiple startups, and what’s next for ChatCampaign.