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How AI Will Revolutionize Interior Design with Leaperr CEO Gil Admoni

Interior design can be a daunting task. Between identifying your personal style, finding the right pieces for your budget, and designing the room, the process can take months if not years to complete. But according to Leaperr, a new startup that uses artificial intelligence to help you with interior design, all that may be a thing of the past.

Leaperr offers styling, re-styling, and the ability to buy products all in one streamlined experience, without needing to hire an expensive professional. Leaperr’s process begins with a short quiz that takes about 28 seconds, and from there users are able to upload photos of the room they want to design and get 10 different options curated to their decor tastes. Leaperr also lets users order the products in-app, cutting the interior design process from months to minutes.

“You can order everything just by pressing ‘order now’ and everything comes to you, so your whole interior design process takes about a minute. And, of course, it’s free,” says Gil Admoni, co-founder and CEO of Leaperr.

But how does a company like Leaperr make money? According to Admoni, they operate with two different business models that enable them to make profits while providing their service free to customers. “We’re implementing the system in the websites of big furniture vendors and they’re paying for the service whether per transaction or business model,” Admoni explains.

In addition to working with large companies, Leaperr also makes commission. “Every transaction made through the system, we’re getting sales commission,” Admoni says, “Apart from that, you can use the system for free [and] you can redesign as much as you want.”

Part of the beauty of Leaperr’s system is that it’s accessible to people across many different industries and is infinitely applicable both for business and personal needs. So it should come as no surprise that potential partners are taking notice. “We have companies from Japan that are doing construction. We have furniture companies, we have art companies, we have companies that make doors. We even have a company that makes plastic chair equipment that wants to use the system,” Admoni explains.

So what’s next for Leaperr? Right now, they’re laser-focused on production. “We are almost there. We’re guessing it will be on the market within 60 to 90 days,” Admoni says. When it is, the world will know by the sudden influx of impeccably decorated homes and businesses, all designed in minutes on Leaperr’s time-saving technology.