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Proteantecs Brings Hardware & Software Together to Revolutionize Predictive Chip Maintenance

Founded in 2017, proteanTecs’ team reflects a variety of fields: the staff includes software developers, machine learning experts, circuit designers, electronic design automation developers, and more. Noam Brousard, VP of Product, sees the company’s varied background as representative of its “best of both worlds” approach to chip design and maintenance. For Brousard and proteanTecs, crafting reliable, high performance chip technology means unifying the hardware production and software development processes.

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Israeli Startup Optibus Uses Tech to Cure Public Transit Woes

“Public transit is not reliable enough,” says Eitan Yanovsky, CTO of Optibus, an Israeli software startup. “People are suffering from delays and a lot of these are happening because of improper planning.” To help cities run their bus fleets more efficiently, flexibly, and economically, Optibus offers proprietary cloud-based software driven by AI machine learning that analyzes historical and real-time passenger data to optimize service. The ultimate goal is to cut cost and improve service, making happier municipalities and happier riders.

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Leave Boring Presentations Behind with Powtoon

“Death by PowerPoint, yeah? A phenomenon known to all of us,” jokes Sven Hoffmann, Chief Technology Officer and Co-founder of Powtoon, a cloud-based service that allows users to create their own professional-looking videos. But what other option do you have, if you want to present information in a visual way? According to Hoffmann, video is the way to go. Specifically, animated video. “[It’s] better to grab people’s attention and get your point across than a long, boring presentation.”

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Coralogix Sees the Forest for the Logs

Coralogix co-founder and CPO Ariel Assaraf started the company after completing his service in the Israeli army. He was working as the Quality Architect of Variant Systems when he noticed that there was a high error rate in what they were delivering to customers, even though they had multiple tools for production delivery and monitoring. He began to ask his teams why the tools to catch these errors weren’t enough, and discovered that even though the data was there, it was so overwhelming that the most basic parameters of what to look for weren’t clear.

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Neura Puts Mobile Apps on Notice

Have you ever experienced notification fatigue? That’s the industry term for when your mobile apps prompt you to act so often that the notifications themselves become a burden, rather than a helpful reminder. In fact, if you look at the number of notifications that are opened in the industry, it’s “less than eight percent,” says Daniela Jinich, a business development manager at Neura. Neura aims to transform mobile notifications using AI and machine learning to create context-rich user profiles that can deliver notifications to customers when they need them. Given the current open rates, Neura’s got a big task ahead of them.

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