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digital content creation startup Renderro

Film & Renderro Cloud Workplaces: Post-Production in the Post-Pandemic World

Post-production cloud computing services we’re designed mainly for rendering tasks, while editing and modeling require much broader access to workstation resources. The software filmmakers, designers, and animators normally use on a day-to-day basis couldn’t be installed on a cloud computer. Facing those obstacles required a new idea of a cloud, remote-focused workplace. That’s how Renderro was conceived.

Audioburst Featured Image

Why Audioburst Migrated its Kubernetes-based System to AWS

Audioburst is on a mission to build the world’s largest talk audio repository, enabling anyone to easily search for and share content. Initially, the company launched on Azure, but has since fully migrated to AWS for managing its Kubernetes-based system. Since moving, Audioburst has been able to take advantage of multiple other services within the AWS ecosystem, such as Amazon Transcribe. Watch the above video to hear from CTO Gal Klein on what went into the decision to migrate and how it’s been since the move.

CastBox CEO on the AI-driven Future of Podcasts

Castbox CEO on the AI-driven Future of Podcasts

China and US-based startup Castbox, unofficially known as the Netflix of podcasts, allows users to stream live podcasts, engage with speakers, and upload their own premium content. Founder and CEO Renee Wang explains how the app works, who its main users are, and where she sees the podcast industry heading in the future.