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New on the Database Blog: Storing SQL Server Backups in Amazon S3 Using AWS Storage Gateway

Over on the AWS Database Blog, there was a recent blog post focused on Storing SQL Server backups in Amazon S3 using AWS Storage Gateway that is helpful for our customers who manage storage environments as well. Many SQL Server database administrators and infrastructure teams write their database backups to file shares on Network Attached Storage (NAS), file servers or VMs today, which can consume a lot of on-premises storage capacity. This post provides prescriptive guidance on how to shift Microsoft SQL Server backups to AWS using a File Gateway configuration from Storage Gateway in a step by step process as outlined below.

  1.  Deploy a File Gateway on-premises
  2.  Join your Active Directory domain
  3.  Create a file share (that actually front-ends Amazon S3)
  4.  Mount the file share
  5.  Backup your database to the file share (S3)
  6.  Restore a database wherever you need it

We have seen many customers make this simple switch to back up their Microsoft SQL Server databases to Amazon S3 with this approach, reducing their on-premises storage footprint and leveraging S3 for durable, scalable, and cost-effective storage. After reading the short blog, you’ll actually be able to deploy and configure file gateway as a backup destination for SQL Server.

Check out the blog to learn more.