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How to become a generative AI builder, starting at square one

Imagine diving into the incredible world of artificial intelligence (AI), where anyone can become a generative AI builder. The journey begins with a curious mindset and an openness to the world of AI. This blog is your guide to transforming from a curious beginner to a proficient generative AI builder using AWS.

New AWS skills initiatives help APAC get AI-ready

From Japan to Indonesia, and further south to New Zealand, organizations and individuals from diverse communities are actively embracing and integrating the latest and most advanced technologies, such as artificial intelligence (AI), to improve their lives and work. AWS Training and Certification is helping them build the skills they need to innovate today and tomorrow.

Top 4 reasons to launch your cloud career with AWS Cloud Institute

As cloud technology prevails, the need for skilled professionals who can build and innovate on the cloud is paramount. AWS Cloud Institute is a virtual cloud-skills training program that will help you launch your career as a cloud developer in as little as one year – regardless of your technical background. Learn four reasons why the timing’s right to launch your cloud career with AWS Cloud Institute.

Training for c-suite to build knowledge of cloud, generative AI capabilities

AWS Training and Certification and AWS Enterprise Strategists have developed a collection of digital training to provide a high-level picture of the benefits of cloud computing to c-suite leaders and executives in business or technology roles. These short, snackable videos feature AWS Enterprise Strategists Jake Burns, Chris Hennessy, and Clarke Rodgers guiding leaders through the must-know information to build their business with cloud.