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You have a modern, SaaS business in the cloud.
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Access support that takes your business further, faster

Once your solution is in the cloud and you offer a consumption-based pricing model, you can focus on accelerating innovation, delivering more unique differentiators for your customers and growing your business.

The extensive technology possibilities offered by AWS enable your R&D teams to respond to customer demands quicker, while providing an exciting and rewarding environment in which to develop.

AWS supports your business growth with programs that help you fast track your revenue. The AWS Partner Network, AWS Marketplace, training and dedicated teams are here to enable your company's success.

Devo re-imagines cyber-security in the cloud with AWS

Devo re-imagines cyber-security in the cloud with AWS

Accelerate your business and re-imagine your technology

  • Technical Role
  • Leverage AWS for speed

    With over 200 innovative services, AWS can rapidly offer new possibilities for your business. Explore some of the most advanced AWS services.


    Tech-Shift is our content program that helps you make the most of AWS innovation. Deep dive into some key innovation topics such as data and analytics and AI/Machine Learning (ML).

    Innovate with AI/ML » Innovate with Data and Analytics »
    Gain security and scale

    Once your platform is in the cloud and modernized you can better leverage AWS scale and security features.


    We work closely with you to understand your data protection needs, and offer the most comprehensive set of services, tooling, and resources to help protect your data.

    Well-Architected for Security » All AWS Security Services »
    Delight your team

    Developers are in demand. Having your solution on AWS provides an environment and a set of programs that will delight teams, increasing retention through innovation.


    Browse our dedicated developer initiatives to enable your teams to grow, gain recognition and leverage knowledge.

    AWS Developer Heroes » Become an AWS Community Builder »
    Develop your team

    Empower your team with AWS and build cloud fluency across your organization to accelerate and scale cloud transformation.

    TechShift Program

    Get an introduction to TechShift with 6 short videos. In 20 minutes you will get a high level understanding on how our TechShift events and content can help.

  • Business Role
  • Boost your growth

    Leverage the flexibility of our cloud platform and the richness of our support programs to boost sales. Our Marketplace is the ideal tool to expand your reach and showcase your solutions.


    AWS Business-Shift provides you with the tools to continue your business evolution, including co-selling. AWS Marketplace gives you the opportunity to increase your market profile. Contact your account manager or explore our key programs.

    Maximize your presence on Marketplace » Start co-selling with AWS »
    Optimize your financials

    A SaaS model brings new possibilities to optimize margins, packaging and pricing. Gain knowledge from AWS and other SaaS ISVs who have improved revenue, profitability and value.


    AWS provides a range of tools and support mechanisms to ensure you can optimize your cloud costs. Explore our Well-Architected document or connect with an account manager who can help you select the tools that will work best for you.

    SaaS Pricing Models » Questions for SaaS financial modelling »
    The art of the possible

    AWS relentless innovation delivers solutions and services that can transform your offering. From cognitive services to AI and Machine Learning, AWS helps you create new valuable products.


    Get inspired: see how our innovative services could be powering your capabilities. Observe key trends on what your own customers might be looking for to transform their business.

    How to innovate with Amazon » IDC Whitepaper - Innovating with AWS »
    Executive Insights

    Get perspectives on enabling cloud innovation and transformation through culture, talent, and leadership.

    Business-Shift Series

    Resources, events, videos and content to help you accelerate your business

Professional Services

Grow the value of your team with specialized skills and experience, helping you achieve better results quicker.

Tink deploys ML models in hours

Open-banking platform Tink builds, trains, and deploys Machine Learning models in hours and onboards customers in a couple of days using AWS.

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