Transform Guidewire implementation to manage upgrades and improve efficiency

Capgemini’s Guidewire on Cloud offering will accelerate the deployment of Guidewire on AWS

Capgemini’s Guidewire on Cloud offering helps set up the claims, policy, and billing platform provided by Guidewire on AWS along with a seamless integration to all the ancillary systems. The offering helps set up the DevOps pipeline to fully automate the provisioning of the environment (e.g. Guidewire v 8.x, 9.x, 10.x) and manage CI/CD Guidewire and ancillary systems. Capgemini’s offering will enable real time data analytics and insights about the ecosystem (e.g. status of a change, claims filed, credit enquiries, previous status of builds, and downtime) by capturing Guidewire events and reducing system response times with vertical and horizontal scaling and edge-use-cases support (e.g. claims modeling for weather).

Capgemini's Guidewire on Cloud provides a well-tested, highly secure, and fully integrated offering for insurance companies to move from expensive on-premises Policy Administration Systems (PAS), claims, and billing subsystems to a cloud environment. The offering has two models to host Guidewire on AWS:

  • Capgemini orchestrated and owned with Single or Multi Tenancy
  • Customer owned and fully integrated by Capgemini

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Fast track to Guidewire on the cloud

  • Benefit from Capgemini’s proven roadmap and implementation plan for moving to the platform
  • Full support of GDPR and CCPA 2018 requirements
  • Leverage AWS backup solutions

Able to focus on specific portfolios

  • Start small with minimal cost and infrastructure to support a single line of business (auto, home, or specialty) with the capability to grow alongside increases in demand and business needs
  • Migrate historical data incrementally and with reduced risk
  • Improve performance to reduce cost of delays

Standards and compliance

  • Adherence to HIPAA compliance
  • Follow regional and state compliance and modules with Guidewire's conformance at 90% and above

Solution highlights

Capgemini’s Guidewire offering brings together all of the pillars needed for an insurer to thrive in the new digital age of insurance. The offering sets up a well-tested, highly secure, and fully integrated platform to launch Guidewire with added functionalities that will integrate digital services quickly, consistently, and cost-effectively.

  • Guidewire cloud implementation: Get complete implementation of Guidewire, DataHub, and InfoCenter following regional and state compliance, full support for existing business rules and Guidewire customizations, and fully-functional sandbox environments that are ready for quick refinement and product development deployment
  • DevOps Pipeline: Access code based pipelines that can be scaled, managed, and upgraded independently and integrated with existing release management processes
  • Guidewire reporting: Gain full support of your existing inventory of Guidewire based reporting, extensible to support data integration from other PAS solutions and capable of integrating 3rd party data
  • AI/ML driven analytics: Capture events and use Amazon Eventbridge to serialize data objects to a Data Lake for analytics and leverage Capgemini’s unique AI/ML algorithms made for analytics on insurance claims and policies

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Capgemini Guidewire Solution Diagram Workflow

Case study: A large UK-based insurance firm


The insurance firm faced restricted performance SLA with their on-premises solution along with limited scalability to integrate with ancillary systems.


Capgemini’s Guidewire on Cloud offering provided a complete integrated system on AWS with multi-dimensional Guidewire implementation. Capgemini’s offering helped ensure compliance and business agility of running policy, claims, and billing modules on AWS.


The insurance firm was able to reduce response time to 1 second. The offering helped develop DevOps pipelines to provision and release faster to accommodate business needs. It also helped the insurance firm initiate planning and development of analytics enabled quote and policy workflows and support for customized coverage.

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