AWS Lambda Reference Architecture for creating a Web Application
Illustrates how to build dynamic web applications using Amazon DynamoDB and other serverless AWS services.
Get AWS Lambda Reference Architecture for creating a Web Application »

Code samples for Amazon DynamoDB
Includes code samples from the documentation.
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Mars Images on Amazon DynamoDB

Easily store and index the images of Mars published by NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory.
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Tic Tac Toe on Amazon DynamoDB
A lightweight Tic Tac Toe application in Python.
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A sample authentication service implemented with a server-less architecture.
Get LambdAuth [Community Contributed] »

Credential management system that uses AWS Key Management Service (KMS) and DynamoDB.
Get CredStash [Community Contributed] »

Discovery Service
Discovery service implemented with DynamoDB. Learn more »
Get Dynamo Discovery Service [Community Contributed] »

Chat Application
A chat application built without servers.
Get Lambda Chat [Community Contributed] »

Complex Event Processing
Complex Event Processing using DynamoDB Streams and Lambda for malware detection.
Get cep [Community Contributed] »

A Redis and in-memory pluggable cache for DynamoDB.
Get Dynamonito [Community Contributed] »

A Serverless Module to create your own SlackBot without servers/websockets via Slash Commands that runs exclusively on AWS Lambda, API Gateway, and DynamoDB.
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Realtime Cloud Storage
The Realtime Cloud Storage Service is a highly-scalable backend-as-a-service powered by Amazon DynamoDB.
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Download DynamoDB for Offline Dev & Test
Write and test code that uses the Amazon DynamoDB API even if you have no network connection and without incurring usage charges. See License Agreement for terms.
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SBT plugin for the local version of DynamoDB. Learn more »
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DynaDoc is a JavaScript based Smart Document Client for DynamoDB. Automatically generates payloads and simplifies development.
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An interactive command-line client for DynamoDB.
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Fake DynamoDB
Locally hosted, in memory DynamoDB emulator.
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A mock DynamoDB that runs locally for testing purposes.
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ddb Mock
DynamoDB mock implementation.
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Client Side AWS
A ruby and redis-based client-side DynamoDB implementation for development + testing.
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Injecting Failures
Inject unexpected failures and latency in your application using the AWS SDK for Java. Learn more »

Amazon DynamoDB Online Index Violation Detector Tool
Detect and Correct Index Key Violations.
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Hackolade Enterprise NoSQL Visual Data Modeling
Generate DynamoDB data model scripts and migrate from relational databases to DynamoDB by generating denormalize schema. Learn more »
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Kony Visualizer for Amazon Web Services
Kony Visualizer for Amazon Web Services is an enterprise-grade visual tools suite for designing, developing, and deploying cross-platform native, web, and hybrid mobile apps.
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Simple Java object layer for AWS databases (SimpleDB and DynamoDB).
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Java interface for DynamoDB.
Get phoebe-dynamodb [Community Contributed]»

JCabi Maven Plugin
DynamoDB Maven Plugin.
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Typesafe DynamoDB for Kotlin and Java.
Get started with Tempest [Community Contributed]»

SQL-like external DSL for querying and scanning Amazon DynamoDB. Learn more »
Get DynamoDb.SQL [Community Contributed]»

Typed .NET client which extends ServiceStack's Simple POCO life by enabling re-use of your code-first data models.
Get PocoDynamo [Community Contributed] »

Amazon DynamoDB and the AWS SDK for .NET
A brief walk through of using the .NET Object Persistence Framework with Amazon DynamoDB. Learn more »

DDBHelper for Unity
DDBHelper for Unity assists you with connecting to a fully managed NoSQL database service, providing very quick, scalable information. Learn more »
Get NoSQL DynamoDB Helper for Unity [Community Contributed]

A Django session backend for DynamoDB.
Get django-dynamodb-sessions [Community Contributed]»

DynamoDB integration for Flask.
Get flask-dynamo [Community Contributed] »

A CRUD wrapper class for Amazon DynamoDB.
Get cruddy [Community Contributed] »

DynamoDB object mapper.
Get bloop [Community Contributed] »

boto interface to Amazon DynamoDB.
Get boto [Community Contributed] »

Object mapper for Amazon DynamoDB.
Get dynamodb-mapper [Community Contributed] »

Object mapper for Amazon DynamoDB. Learn more »
Get Flywheel [Community Contributed] »

K.E.V. (Keys, Extra Stuff, and Values) is a Python ORM for key-value stores and document databases based on Valley.
Get K.E.V. [Community Contributed]

Contains AWS PHP Library and documentation.
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Amazon DynamoDB with PHP (AWS re:Invent 2012 Talk)
Learn more »

Backbone.js sync for DynamoDB.
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A data mapping abstraction over the AWS SDK for Ruby's client for Amazon DynamoDB.
Get Aws::Record [Community Contributed] »

Session Store
Handles sessions for Ruby web applications using a DynamoDB backend. Learn more »
Get Session Store [Community Contributed] »

The Ruby cloud services library.
Get fog [Community Contributed] »

Lightweight ORM for DynamoDB with Ruby Apps.
Get mince_dynamodb [Community Contributed] »

ORM for DynamoDB that supports offline development, associations, and querying.
Get dynamoid [Community Contributed] »

A promisified Node.js engine for AWS DynamoDB.
Get dynamodb-engine [Community Contributed]»

Dynamoose is a modeling tool for Amazon's DynamoDB (inspired by Mongoose).
Get Dynamoose [Community Contributed]»

GraphQL DynamoDB Connections
An adapter library that converts DynamoDB-style pagination to GraphQL Connection-style pagination.
Get GraphQL DynamoDB Connections [Community Contributed]»

DynamoDB datastore library. It makes data access layers based on DynamoDB easier to develop and maintain.
Get DynQ [Community Contributed]»

A drop-in replacement that extends Vogels with Async methods.
Get vogels-promisified [Community Contributed]»

vogels is a DynamoDB data mapper for node.js.
Get vogels [Community Contributed]»

A Waterline adapter for DynamoDB. May be used in a Sails app or anything using Waterline for the ORM.
Get sails-dynamodb [Community Contributed] »

A wrapper that makes it easy to consume DynamoDB Streams.
Get DynamoDBStream [Community Contributed]»

Store and retrieve JavaScript objects using DynamoDB.
Get dynamodb-value [Community Contributed]»

Node.js client for DynamoDB.
Get dynode [Community Contributed]»

NodeJS module to talk to DynamoDB.
Get awssum [Community Contributed]»

DynamoDB client for node.js.
Get dynamo [Community Contributed]»

Small DynamoDB Node.js module.
Get dyndb [Community Contributed]»

A promise-based DynamoDB client.
Get dynamite [Community Contributed]»

DynamoDB ORM for Node.js.
Get Dynasaur [Community Contributed]»

A low-level client for accessing DynamoDB.
Get dynamo-client[Community Contributed]»

Maps JS objects and queries to DynamoDB tables.
Get dynamo-table [Community Contributed]»

Asynchronous Scala client for Amazon DynamoDB, based on the Akka actor framework. Learn more »
Get async-dynamo [Community Contributed] »

Asynchronous Scala Clients for Amazon Web Services.
Get aws-wrap [Community Contributed] »

Using AWS SDK on the Scala REPL
Get AWScala [Community Contributed] »

Scanamo is a library to make using DynamoDB with Scala simpler and less error-prone.
Get Scanamo [Community Contributed] »

Simple perl interface for Amazon DynamoDB.
Get Net-Amazon-DynamoDB »

A library for simple service discovery using Dynamodb for Golang.
Get Roster [Community Contributed]»

GoDynamo is an API for DynamoDB written in Go.
Get GoDynamo [Community Contributed]»

GOAMZ fork enabled with DynamoDB.
Get goamz [Community Contributed]»

Erlang client for DynamoDB.
Get dinerl [Community Contributed]»

Library for Erlang.
Get erlcloud [Community Contributed]»

DynamoDB Foreign Data Wrapper for PostgreSQL
A DynamoDB wrapper that enables 'select *' queries.
Get DynamoDB Foreign Data Wrapper for PostgreSQL »

DynamoDB client for Clojure. Learn more »
Get Faraday [Community Contributed]»

Plugin that integrates DynamoDB into Grails. Learn more »

Get DynamoDB GORM [Community Contributed]»

SQL-like external DSL for querying and scanning Amazon DynamoDB. Learn more »
Get DynamoDb.SQL [Community Contributed]»

F# wrapper API for AWS DynamoDB.
Get FSharp.AWS.DynamoDB [Community Contributed]»

Simba Amazon DynamoDB ODBC and JDBC Drivers with SQL Connector
The Simba Amazon DynamoDB ODBC and JDBC Drivers with SQL Connector give you relational access to your NoSQL data, so you (and your analysts) can leverage existing SQL expertise to query NoSQL data. Learn more »
Get the Simba Amazon DynamoDB ODBC and JDBC Drivers with SQL Connector [Third Party Tool] »

CData ODBC driver for DynamoDB
The CData Amazon DynamoDB ODBC Driver is a powerful tool that allows you to connect with live data from Amazon DynamoDB NoSQL database, directly from any applications that support ODBC connectivity. Learn more »
Get CData ODBC driver for DynamoDB [Third Party Tool] »

Informatica Cloud Integration for Amazon DynamoDB
Informatica Cloud abstracts several hierarchies of key-value pairs through the native connector for DynamoDB and allows this data to be analyzed in an analytics database such as Redshift so that companies can better understand their user interactions. Learn more »
Get Informatica Cloud Integration for Amazon DynamoDB [Third Party Tool] »

SnapLogic Snap Pack for Amazon DynamoDB
The SnapLogic Snap Pack for Amazon DynamoDB is a set of pre-built connectors that enable you to rapidly transfer data into and out of the DynamoDB NoSQL database service from sources in the cloud, on premises or both.
Get the Snap Pack for Amazon DynamoDB [Third Party Tool] »

ZappySys SSIS DynamoDB Destination
The ZappySys DynamoDB Destination can be used to bulk insert large amount of records to Amazon DynamoDB storage from any data source using SSIS. Learn more »
Get the ZappySys SSIS DynamoDB Destination [Third Party Tool] »

EMR-DynamoDB Connector
The EMR-DynamoDB Connector is a set of libraries that lets you access data stored in DynamoDB with Spark, Hadoop MapReduce, and Hive jobs. Learn more »
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Amazon DynamoDB Storage Backend for JanusGraph
Easily scale your JanusGraph graph database with DynamoDB.
Get DynamoDB Storage Backend for JanusGraph »

Amazon DynamoDB Logstash Plugin
Perform full-text queries on your data using Elasticsearch.
Get DynamoDB Logstash Plugin »

Amazon DynamoDB Import Export Tool
Copy data between DynamoDB tables or to Logstash (a blocking queue).
Get DynamoDB Import Export Tool »

Amazon DynamoDB Cross-region Replication Library
Enables automatic DynamoDB table replication across different AWS regions.
Get DynamoDB Cross-region Replication Library »

Amazon DynamoDB Streams Kinesis Adapter for Java
Use Amazon Kinesis to consume and process data from a DynamoDB stream.
Get DynamoDB Streams Kinesis Adapter for Java »

Transactions for Amazon DynamoDB
Enables Java developers to easily perform atomic writes and isolated reads across multiple items and tables.
Get Transactions for Amazon DynamoDB »

Client-side Encryption for Amazon DynamoDB
Lets Java developers easily encypt and sign DynamoDB data.
Get Client-side Encryption for Amazon DynamoDB »

Geo Library for Amazon DynamoDB
Lets Java developers easily create and query geospatial data.
Get Geo Library for Amazon DynamoDB »

Amondawa provides a ReST interface for storing and querying time series data.
Get Amondawa [Community Contributed] »

Dynamic DynamoDB
Provides automatic read and write provisioning for DynamoDB.
Get Dynamic DynamoDB [Community Contributed]»

Manage DynamoDB table redundancy and backups.
Get dynamodb-replicator [Community Contributed] »

Simple backup and restore script for Amazon DynamoDB using boto.
Get dynamodump [Community Contributed] »

Dynamo DB Table Archiver
Node.js script that archives a DynamoDB table in JSON.
Get DynamoDB Table Archiver [Community Contributed]»