Developer Guide »

Provides a conceptual overview of Amazon DynamoDB and includes detailed development instructions for using the various features.

API Reference »

Describes all the API operations for Amazon DynamoDB in detail. Also provides sample requests, responses, and errors for the supported web services protocols.


What’s new for Amazon DynamoDB - 2018 Q1 Update

This video covers the new features that were announced for Amazon DynamoDB, such as adaptive capacity, global tables, and on-demand backup, and how they solve common problems you might encounter.

Amazon DynamoDB adaptive capacity

In this video, we compare how scaling is performed for relational and nonrelational databases. We also explain how DynamoDB shards your data across multiple partitions, and talk about adaptive capacity, which eliminates most throttling issues caused by hot keys.

Advanced design patterns for Amazon DynamoDB

In this video, we discuss strategies for global secondary index sharding and index overloading, scalable graph processing with materialized queries, relational modeling with composite keys, and executing transactional workflows on DynamoDB.

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