AWS has worked with Linux Academy to provide a hands-on training experience, and has developed two Amazon DynamoDB courses for AWS customers. Each of these courses provides rich, interactive content with several hours of instruction, dozens of videos, and hands-on labs to help enrich your DynamoDB experience.

Get started with a seven-day free trial at and learn from AWS-certified experts. For more details about these courses, see the following descriptions.

  • Databases

    Course (Third-Party) – Free

    Amazon DynamoDB Deep Dive

    11 hands-on labs, 53 videos, and 15+ hours of instruction
    In this course, you learn the basics of DynamoDB and how it differs from traditional relational database management systems. A real-world-scenario project helps guide you through each of the concepts presented. This course is intended for all skill levels, even if you're totally new to database development.
  • Databases

    Course (Third-Party) - $$

    Amazon DynamoDB Data Modeling

    5 hands-on labs, 36 videos, and 9+ hours of instruction
    In this course, you learn: NoSQL concepts and DynamoDB features. You also learn how to optimize DynamoDB for: runtime performance, cost, DynamoDB data modeling patterns (1:N, N:M, hierarchical), GSI overloading, write sharding, sparse indexes, and materialized aggregation strategies to migrate data from RDBMS to DynamoDB. You learn through real-world examples and hands-on labs.

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