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Innovation Strategies for Growth & Product Development

With Barbara Salami, VP of Digital, Moderna

Despite massive investments, building and maintaining the capacity to innovate remains a frustrating pursuit for many. Many organizations rely on previously successful ideas, processes, and business models. However, those strategies may not consider necessary business changes due to digital technologies. The future of product development and business model reinvention requires a new focus—re-envisioning products and processes, working backwards from the customer, and questioning established thinking to overcome innovation stalemates. Join this session for a conversation with Barbara Salami, VP of Digital at Moderna, about how digital technologies are changing business models and best practices to accelerate growth through product innovation.

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HSBC Wealth and Personal Banking’s Agile Transformation Journey

With Gavin Munroe, WPB Global CIO, HSBC

Companies that lack the necessary support for change from leadership can sometimes fail in their digital transformations. Collaboration between the CIO and other business leaders is critical to the development of a successful business strategy powered by technology. Leaders need to look for opportunities to support and accelerate digital literacy across the organization and to work cross-functionally with business partners to define what digital means for their organizations. Hear from Gavin Munroe, WPB Global CIO of HSBC, for a candid discussion of strategies, tactics, and common pitfalls to avoid as you create your plan, build your narrative, and engage your stakeholders to drive progress through digital transformation. 

Innovation and the Art of Reinvention

With David Cohen, Chief Product and Technology Officer, Greenway Health

Events in 2020-2021 have challenged C-Suite and business leaders in every sector to think urgently about their industries' future shape and, more specifically, how their companies need to reinvent to survive and thrive in the future. The leadership challenge involves thinking systematically about future opportunities and threats so executives can successfully guide their companies through continued disruption. Join this candid conversation with David Cohen, Chief Product and Technology Officer at Greenway Health to learn about Greenway Health's innovation and reinvention journey, to inspire long-term thinking within your own organization to innovate faster and at scale.

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Rapidly Scaling Business Transformation

With Rita Fisher, CIO & EVP of Supply Chain, Reynolds Consumer

Companies on the path to digital business transformation often lack an agile platform to enable this process or require a compelling event to force acceleration. Reynolds Consumer Products had the platform and the compelling event to accelerate their transformation within a year. The company fully migrated to AWS, implementing a brand-new instance of SAP on AWS, an entire data center exit, and modernization of their factory floor. Join this session to learn how Rita Fisher, CIO and EVP of Supply Chain at Reynolds Consumer Products, took bold moves, measured risk, and enabled agility as part of her strategic road map. 

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Beyond Transformation: Agility and Innovation

With Mark Mathewson, SVP - CIO of Retail Bank Tech, Capital One

What’s next for your organization once you’re operating in the cloud? How do you maximize the benefits of the cloud and what does that mean for your IT department? Like many organizations, Capital One made the decision to maximize agility and innovation through digital transformation, but scaling from their initial pilot into organization wide change posed an operational challenge. Join Mark Mathewson, CIO for Retail Bank from Capital One for a view into their journey from launching an initial pilot to expanding the modernization strategy organization-wide. In this session, we’ll cover governance, people and process changes, and offer concrete next steps to operationalize your transformation by enabling your Cloud Center of Excellence (CCOE) teams to be prepared for this change.

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Designing a Cloud-Enabled Workforce

With Prakash Kota, CIO, Autodesk

Digital transformation is challenging how business leaders need to think about the future of work, the design of organizational structures, and the new skills and competencies required to win in the digital future. If we design organizations today, how might new roles such as data scientists or AI/ML experts mesh with business operations? How might teams be formed and collaborate to unleash new skills to innovate product, service, and support offerings? Digital transformation alters the profile of human talent across all functions. C-Suite and line-of-business leaders need to be intentional in reskilling their teams and attract people who can work at the intersection of smart humans and powerful machines. Join this candid conversation with Prakash Kota, CIO at Autodesk about organizational strategies and best practices to empower your people and business to succeed in the digital future.

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Scaling Sustainability Innovation

With Ruth Gratzke, President of Siemens Smart Infrastructure U.S. and CEO of Siemens Industry Inc.

Companies across all industries have set ambitious goals to reduce the environmental impact of their operations and work towards a net zero carbon future. Achieving these goals requires collaboration across an organization, from senior executives to leaders who execute sustainability initiatives relevant to their area of the business. To accelerate progress, leaders need to align business and technical teams and build the scalable solutions required to accurately measure and report on sustainability programs, and continuously improve performance. Join Chris Wellise, AWS Sustainability Director, and Ruth Gratzke, President of Siemens Smart Infrastructure U.S. and CEO of Siemens Industry, Inc.to hear how AWS and Siemens are utilizing technology to integrate sustainability into their infrastructure and operations, as well as helping customers and partners deploy solutions to achieve their sustainability goals.

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