AWS Executive Insights: Germany

As new technologies and emerging competitors disrupt established industries, leaders across Germany are transforming their organizations with cloud computing to deliver business value and impact to their customers. Accelerate your own transformation with these best practices, lessons, and transformative ideas from leaders like you who are using AWS to create new forms of business value.

Conversations with Leaders
Unlocking Business Value with the Cloud

Philip Potloff, Head of Enterprise Strategy, sits down with three cloud leaders to explore how they are using technology and the cloud to deliver business growth and outcomes faster.

Tuning Up the High-frequency Enterprise (Germany Edition)
Ebook (Germany Edition)
Tuning Up the High-frequency Enterprise
Agility is key to accelerating value delivery
Klaus Bürg

General Manager, AWS Germany, Austria & Switzerland

As more and more German enterprises address the need to transform their business models, the move to cloud technology is picking up volume and pace across the country. Not only can it help lower operational costs, it can act as the foundation for speed and innovation. This means its impact is felt far beyond IT, and is a matter of organizational change.

However, where some enterprises are using the cloud to their advantage and accelerating ahead of their competitors, others are struggling to adopt this same momentum. In my experience as General Manager at AWS...

Klaus Bürg, General Manager, AWS Germany, Austria & Switzerland
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Florian Hartwig

Head of Enterprise, AWS Germany

Germany’s start-up ecosystem runs on a digital-first and data-driven philosophy. That’s why these organizations are agile by nature – whether it’s constantly tailoring their services to their customers’ needs or bringing their services to market even faster than their larger and more established competitors.

Because of this, large corporations in Germany are under an increasing amount of pressure to match this pace and extract the value of data. Succeed, and they have the chance to thrive amongst an ultra-competitive and ever-evolving market. Fail, and they risk...

Florian Hartwig, Head of Enterprise, AWS Germany
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Becoming a Data-driven Organization (Germany Edition)
Ebook (Germany Edition)
Becoming a Data-driven Organization
Common data dysfunctions and how you can address them
Creating a Culture of Security (Germany Edition)
Ebook (Germany Edition)
Creating a Culture of Security
Norms and practices can help establish awareness of risks
Gerald Boyne

Head of Security Assurance, AWS Germany, Austria & Switzerland

Cybercrime is the “black swan” of Germany’s digital environment; it’s unpredictable and often misjudged. That’s why, when it comes to risk management, it’s no longer a case of pattern matching. Instead, it’s about expecting the unexpected, even if that means looking for the unknown.

To do this, German enterprises need powerful intelligence to detect and predict security anomalies. However, this relies on the entire organization treating security as more than just an IT function, but as a matter of culture that affects everyone.

This culture of security encourages people to...

Gerald Boyne, Head of Security Assurance, AWS Germany, Austria & Switzerland
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