AWS Service Ready Program

Validate and promote your products that work with AWS services

What is the AWS Service Ready Program?

The AWS Service Ready Program is designed to validate products built by AWS Partners that work with specific AWS services. These products are technically validated by AWS Partner Solution Architects for their sound architecture and adherence to AWS best practices, and market adoption including customer successes.

Attaining an AWS Service Ready designation helps AWS Partners promote their products globally. Through this AWS validation, you can demonstrate to your customer that your tools or applications help reduce technology risks.

Discover program benefits, the application process, and AWS Service Ready designations below.

Promote your products with the AWS Service Ready Program

Are you an AWS customer?

There are hundreds of AWS Service Ready Products that we recommend based on product availability and architecture that meets AWS best practices. AWS Lambda Ready Products enable AWS customers to migrate solutions to a microservices architecture running on serverless computing without provisioning servers. Similarly, Amazon Linux 2 Ready Products help customers take advantage of products that work with AWS Lambda.

AWS Service Ready Partner Benefits

AWS Service Ready Partners gain access to a variety of benefits to build, market, and sell AWS-based solutions.

Download the AWS Service Ready Benefits Guide

Core Marketing Benefits

Gain more visibility with customers, AWS sales and service teams with:

  • Product listing on AWS Partners page
  • APN Badge & program Logos
  • Product listing on APN Blog welcome post
  • AWS Partner Solutions Finder priority ranking

Technical Enablement

Stay one step ahead with the latest information on AWS services by participating in:

  • Service Validation GameDays
  • Deeper Learning webinar series
  • Q&A sessions with the product team

Unique Service Benefits

Qualify for these additional service specific benefits based on your designation:

  • Additional AWS Promotional Credits
  • Sales and Technical Enablement Kit Account mapping sessions
  • Product listing in the AWS Console

Additional Opportunities

Open doors to explore engagement opportunities with AWS:

  • Drive demand generation and GTM activities with $5000 USD Marketing Development Funds (MDF) per designation
  • Eligibility to co-sell through the AWS Customer Engagement Program (ACE)
  • Publish videos to APN TV
  • Write for the APN Blog

AWS Service Ready Partner Journey

As an AWS Partner, you may apply for one or more AWS Service Ready designations depending on which AWS services your products work with. Follow these steps to validate your products with the AWS Service Ready Program.

  • Step 1: Join AWS ISV Partner Path
  • Step 2: Identify AWS Service Ready designation
  • Step 3: Submit Product Details
  • Step 4: Apply
  • Step 5: Promote your business
  • Step 1: Join AWS ISV Partner Path
  • If you haven’t already registered your company with the AWS Partner Network (APN), join the APN by creating your APN Partner Central Account.

    • As you register with the APN, be sure to indicate that you have a solution that runs or is integrated with AWS to gain instant access to AWS ISV Partner Path through APN Partner Central
    • Upon joining the AWS ISV Partner Path, start your journey with the APN Navigate Track for ISVs to receive step-by-step guidance on how to build products using the AWS Well-Architected Framework and conduct an AWS Well-Architected Review
    • Conduct an AWS Foundational Technical Review (FTR) to meet the AWS foundational bar (previously named Technical Baseline Review). Leverage these short Baseline Bits videos (10 videos, each 2-5 minutes) to prepare for an FTR
    • Upon successfully completed the AWS Foundational Technical Review for your product, you may continue the application process for AWS Service Ready
  • Step 2: Identify AWS Service Ready designation
  • Upon successfully completing the FTR and having paid the annual APN fee, choose an AWS Service Ready designation that aligns best with your product(s).

  • Step 3: Submit Product Details
  • Upon meeting the requirements for the specific AWS Service Ready designation, you will need to provide details about your product(s) that align with the specific AWS Service Ready designation. Follow these steps to provide your product information.

    • Complete the self-assessment listed within the Validation Checklist for your chosen designation
    • Login to your account in APN Partner Central
    • Under ‘Solution’ section, click ‘New’ and fill out the ‘Technology Product’ form to submit your product details for evaluation
  • Step 4: Apply
  • The product details you create will be used to complete your application. Review the AWS Service Ready Program Guide for step-by-step guidance on how to participate and apply to the program.

    • Email your completed self-assessment and product listing URL to the AWS Service Ready team
    • The AWS Service Ready team will review your application details within 3 business days
    • You will be notified by email of your product application outcome
  • Step 5: Promote your business
  • Upon achieving your AWS Service Ready designation, you will receive a welcome kit detailing your core program benefits. You may now leverage various benefits available to promote your business as an AWS Service Ready Partner.

    • APN Badge & Program Logos to officially market your achievements.
    • Leverage co-branded marketing campaign resources available on APN Marketing Central
    • Promote your products on AWS Marketplace
    • Participate in events and workshops such as Service Validation GameDay League, Deeper Learning Webinar Series, and Q&A with the product team session
    • Apply to meet pre-requisites for APN Customer Engagements (ACE), a co-sell program to collaborate with AWS Sales and Marketing.
    • Review the full list of Program Benefits to maximize program participation

AWS Service Ready Designations

Identify the AWS Service Ready designation that aligns best with your product(s). You may apply for one or more designations depending on which AWS services your products work with. AWS Service Ready designations are chosen based on various factors including a high customer demand for validated AWS Partners Products to help customers solve business challenges on AWS.

AWS Lambda Ready Products

AWS Lambda Ready Products provide tools and integrations for AWS Lambda, enabling customers to build serverless applications with ease. They provide solutions for application definition, management, and deployment, and solutions that extend and integrate with function runtimes and APIs.

Requirements »

Amazon Linux 2 Ready Products

Amazon Linux 2 Ready Products run on and are supported on Amazon Linux 2. By running Amazon Linux 2 Ready Products, customers can take the full advantage of a low cost, enterprise-grade Linux operating system offered by AWS.

Requirements »

AWS Outposts Ready Products

AWS Outposts Ready Products integrate with AWS Outposts deployments to help customers discover products that are tested on AWS Outposts and follow AWS security and architecture best practices.

Requirements »

AWS PrivateLink Ready Products

AWS PrivateLink Ready Products integrate with AWS PrivateLink allowing customers to consume the services privately and securely, ensuring your traffic is not exposed to the public internet. PrivateLink Ready Products can be securely accessed across accounts, VPC boundaries and from on-premises networks, simplifying network infrastructure and enhancing security.

Requirements »

Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS) Ready Products

Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS) Ready Products include tooling solutions that integrate with Amazon RDS and are designed to manage complex and time-consuming administrative tasks. RDS Ready products support the use of the Amazon RDS platform as a backend for applications deployed across seven RDS database engines including Aurora PostgreSQL, Aurora MySQL, PostgreSQL, MySQL, MariaDB, Oracle, and SQL Server.

Requirements »

Amazon Redshift Ready Products

Amazon Redshift Ready Products integrate with Amazon Redshift to load, transform, and analyze data; share insights; and architect and implement analytics platforms.

Requirements »

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