AWS Managed Service Provider (MSP) Program

Build and deliver end-to-end business solutions to drive transformation

What is the AWS MSP Program?

The AWS Managed Service Provider (MSP) Program is designed to validate and promote AWS Partner Network (APN) Advanced and Premier Tier Consulting Partners, providing end-to-end AWS solutions to customers. The AWS MSP Partners help customers solve complex business needs at any stage of their cloud adoption journey.

Attaining an AWS MSP designation helps you grow and promote your business across four key areas: 1) plan & design, 2) build & migrate, 3) run & operate, and 4) optimize.

AWS Partners leverage next-generation business and technical best practices to build a holistic AWS-based business and are validated against a rigorous bar to achieve the AWS MSP designation. Discover program benefits, application process, and success stories from AWS MSPs below.

Become a Next-Gen AWS MSP Partner

AWS MSP Partner Benefits

Transform your AWS-based business

Build a long-term sustainable AWS business to maximize relationships with customers through AWS business and technical best practices. 

Continue to generate revenue streams as you evolve your next-gen managed services practice.

Earn industry and analyst recognition

Earn recognition for participating in the industry-leading AWS MSP Program, as recognized in industry and analyst research.

Increase visibility with customers and AWS

Your AWS MSP designation is highlighted on the AWS website, driving visibility with customers and AWS teams.

APN will also feature any co-branded case studies on the APN Blog and social media.

Gain go-to-market support

Participate in co-funded activities such as workshops and marketing campaigns.

Receive a unique AWS MSP Partner badge to highlight your AWS expertise and participate in exclusive AWS-hosted events.

AWS Managed Service Provider Journey

Follow these steps to build your AWS MSP practice. Download the AWS MSP Partner Journey Roadmap for a consolidated list of steps to meet the program requirements.

  • Step 1: Meet APN Tier Requirements
  • Step 2: Build your AWS MSP Practice
  • Step 3: Prepare for Audit
  • Step 4: Apply for the Program
  • Step 5: Promote your Business
  • Step 1: Meet APN Tier Requirements
  • AWS Consulting Partners must meet the Advanced or Premier Tier requirements before applying for the AWS MSP Program. You can check your APN tier in the Partner Scorecard on AWS Partner Central

    • Explore AWS Advanced and Premier Consulting Partner Requirements
    • AWS Consulting Partners may choose to follow steps 2 and 3 in parallel to achieving APN Advanced or Premier Tier compliance
  • Step 2: Build your AWS MSP Practice
  • AWS Consulting Partners should utilize these resources to build your AWS MSP practice:

    • Connect with your AWS Partner Manager to discuss your MSP business model, define your milestones and timelines
    • Explore the requirements outlined in the AWS MSP Program Validation Checklist
    • Start with the APN Navigate MSP specialization track to help you meet the program requirements
    • Work with your AWS Partner Manager and Solutions Architect to review and prepare your self-scoring checklist assessment

    Leverage additional resources to help you progress in your AWS MSP journey:

  • Step 3: Prepare for Audit
  • Follow these steps to help you prepare for the full audit before your apply for the AWS MSP Program:

    • AWS Partners are required to conduct a self-assessment with the AWS MSP Program Validation Checklist. Refer to the AWS Architecture Center to apply guidance and best practices
    • The APN team recommends performing a partner transformation gap analysis, a consultant-led analysis of your business capabilities as compared to leading next-generation cloud MSPs. This is conducted by an independent third-party with a consultant fee involved
    • Create a well-defined managed services offering aligned to the AWS MSP Program Best Practices
    • Work with your AWS Partner Manager to attend MSP workshops in your region to help you accelerate your journey
  • Step 4: Apply for the Program
  • Once your organization has met the AWS MSP Program requirements outlined in the AWS MSP Program Validation Checklist, your alliance lead can apply for the program.

    • Your alliance lead should complete the AWS MSP Program Application in AWS Partner Central by accessing "Program Details" section and selecting "Update"
    • Email completed self-assessment to
    • Once you have submitted your application, the AWS MSP Program team may schedule an optional introductory call to learn more about your AWS MSP practice
    • The AWS MSP Program team will introduce you to the third-party auditing firm to validate your organization's capabilities. The auditing firm will work directly with you to schedule a Pre-Assessment and Full Audit
    • Once your full audit is complete, the AWS MSP Program team will contact you with a decision on your program application
    • You will be re-evaluated annually to ensure you continue to meet updated AWS MSP Program standards

    Note: Before submitting your application, make sure your organization’s Partner Scorecard in AWS Partner Central is up-to-date. You will only see the AWS MSP Program application in your APN Scorecard once the program requirements are met.

  • Step 5: Promote your Business
  • Upon achieving your AWS MSP Partner designation, you will receive a welcome kit detailing program benefits, AWS Partner badge instructions, and a customized press release template. You may leverage various go-to-market activities to promote your business as an AWS MSP Partner.

AWS MSP Success Stories

Learn how AWS MSP Partners are delivering end-to-end solutions to AWS customers.

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