Leverage the latest cloud technologies to build a resilient organization

For public sector organizations, disasters and emergencies can derail missions and critical emergency response, public safety, and public health services. Unfortunately, many organizations move from crisis to crisis without addressing a long-term strategy for building resilience and business continuity.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) and our partners are dedicated to supporting your goal of creating a resilient organization. Find out how AWS can help your organization develop a resiliency plan to make sure operations can continue, regardless of the disruption, by joining our webinars and downloading our guide to building organizational resilience.

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Build a Long-Term Resiliency Plan With AWS

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Learn about the AWS technologies ServerCentral Turing Group finds critical to business continuity. Find out how to build security best practices into any resiliency plan.

Speakers: Eric Dynowski, CTO, ServerCentral Turing Group, and Thomas Johnson, CISO, ServerCentral Turing Group

A Modern Blueprint for Disaster Recovery

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Learn how Florida State University (FSU) developed their disaster recovery initiative to align with mission objectives. 

Speakers: Chuck Kemeny, Director of Shared Infrastructure, FSU, Breeze Howard, Assistant Director, Linux Enterprise Applications and Systems, FSU,  Mary Stephenson, Director, Shared Infrastructure, FSU, Dana Doten, Sr. Cloud Architect, Enquizit, and Darren Thompson, Technical Project Manager, Enquizit 

Securing and Optimizing Long-Term Remote Work and Learning

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In this webinar by InterVision, you will hear practical use cases and best practices for delivering remote learning and workforce solutions for your end users, while minimizing the burden on your IT staff.

Speaker: John Gray, CTO, InterVision 

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Hear from Presidio on how artificial intelligence and machine learning can help reach a wider audience and provide better customer support.

Speakers: Patrick Wild, VP of Sales, Contact Center, Presidio, and Mladen Milanovic, Senior Director Engineering, Presidio 


A Guide to Building Organizational Resilience

This eBook serves as a guide for public sector organizations that are looking to build a long-term plan for organizational resiliency and business continuity. Having a plan in place drastically improves your organization’s odds of minimizing the impact of an emergency on your employees, customers, and partners.



CART was designed to help organizations assess their progress with cloud adoption and identify gaps in organizational skills and processes. Use CART to assess your cloud adoption readiness.


Leading Through Crisis: The New Opportunity for CIOs

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, public sector CIOs have an unprecedented imperative to drive innovation and modernization. This famework offers a blueprint for cloud-based IT modernization.


AWS is offering up to $5,000 in AWS Project Resilience Credits to state and local governments, community organizations, and education institutions supporting their business continuity plans in the cloud.


AWS enables disaster response organizations to access cloud services at the edge, even in the harshest conditions. We are committed to providing immediate relief and response to global communities impacted by natural disasters.