Let’s talk about cloud security. Naturally, government leaders are concerned about the implications of cloud for their applications and the data within them, so security is a top-of-mind issue. Compound that with compliance and regulatory pressures, and you have a recipe for IT stress. Broadly, the phrase “cloud security” refers to the cloud versions of security controls generally available on premises. One of the greatest misunderstandings within government IT is that cloud security is less reliable than on-prem security, says Bill Murray, senior manager of security programs at AWS. From control to access, there are many myths surrounding cloud computing. Download this whitepaper featuring more myth-busting insights from AWS.

MYTH #1:
When I’m using cloud, I have less control over my data.

AWS Cloud actually allows for more control through a more accurate, more agile depiction of data in near real-time. With one click, you can get any information you need about an instance: who launched it, where they launched it from, how long it’s been running, what applications it’s running and with what data. Cloud gives the most control.


MYTH #2:
I don’t know who has access in the cloud — anyone can get to my data!

You decide who has permission to access your data in the cloud. Moreover, even technicians are limited when they troubleshoot with you. AWS network administrators have no access to customer data.

MYTH #3:

My CSP will move my data arbitrarily. I know exactly where it’s at on the ground, and I can’t do that with cloud.

In AWS, your data won’t get shifted around between geographic regions without your express direction. Did you put your data in Frankfurt? It’s staying in Frankfurt.


MYTH #4:
I have to migrate all at once, and that’s dangerous.

“Forklifting” all of your data into the cloud will deny you many of cloud’s best benefits. Plan your migration to the cloud, and migrate the data in a considered fashion.


MYTH #5:
It’s hard to get everyone on board, and there just aren’t enough educational resources available.

Talk to your CSP to find out where you can go to learn more about controlling security in the cloud. Free classes, online courses and big conventions can be excellent sources of information for government employees. In the meantime, drop by AWS’s Security Center for an introduction.