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A New AWS Region in Stockholm

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is committed to our customers across the Nordics, which is why we launched a new AWS Europe Region in Stockholm, Sweden. You can now use the AWS Europe (Stockholm) Region to deliver websites, applications, and content to end users across the Nordics with lower latency. You can also use AWS services for advanced technologies, such as analytics, database, mobile services, and serverless, to drive innovation with even more flexibility. For a complete list of AWS services available in the Europe (Stockholm) Region, visit the AWS Region Table page.

To start using the AWS Europe (Stockholm) Region, sign up or an AWS account, contact the Public Sector team to learn more.

On-Demand Webinars

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Innovation That's Secure

Supporting every step of innovation, we’ve made cloud security our highest priority. As an AWS customer, you will benefit from a data centre and network architecture built to meet the requirements of the most security-sensitive organisations, allowing you to scale and innovate while maintaining a secure environment.

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Rapid change is underway in the world of digital government. This is being driven not only by significant advances in technology, but also by a Europe-wide community unified by new thinking, bold ideas, and cost-effective, scalable solutions.

Across Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark, and Iceland, our support to help such innovation includes projects around tourism, Earth sciences, resettlement, and more.

AWS Nordics managing director Guido Bartels at the AWS Summit Stockholm 2018
How Norway’s largest farming cooperative uses data effectively
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Rehoming 60,000+ child refugees in Sweden through SKL
Build a visual search app with AWS Nordics solutions architect, Tobias Börjeson
Pop-up Loft Stockholm 2019: Better Weather in the Cloud with the Finnish Meteorological Institute
Pop-up Loft Stockholm: Using Lambda Functions for DevSecOps Integration & Automated Threat Response
Scalable DNA sequencing and analysis on the AWS Cloud in Sweden
Forecasting the meteorological future with the Finnish Meteorological Institute
Pop-up Loft Stockholm 2019: The Future of Genomics in the Cloud with SciLifeLab

Innovation Success Stories

Wonderful Copenhagen logo
Driving tourism with data

Find out how AWS supports Wonderful Copenhagen to identify new tourism opportunities for the city.

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Telenor Connexion
Bringing IoT to life

Accelerating IoT development cycles to build smarter cities, with Sweden’s Telenor Connexion.

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UNIwise logo
Education in the cloud

The future of learning, with Denmark’s UNIwise and its digital transformation of exams and assessments.

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ESA (European Space Agency) logo
Our planet and beyond

How the European Space Agency (ESA) and its invaluable data helps us understand Earth and the stars.

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Start Building

The innovators, the collaborators, the creators. The ones who see what doesn't exist, and then make it exist. We believe nothing should stand in the builder's way, and dreams never have to turn off. With AWS, it's time to build on.

Faster, Safer, Stronger

Our cities are becoming smarter and faster every day. But is transport moving at the same pace?

With Amazon Web Services (AWS) and our partner community, you can start your own journey to city-wide innovation that’s both transformational and resilient to ever-increasing cyber security threats. AWS can help support your vision, providing the scalability and agility you need to fulfil your ambitions and improve citizens’ lives.

Embrace the future of transportation with our new eBook.

Knowledge: Data Protection

Innovation in the cloud cannot exist without data protection. Understand where your organisation is on that journey, learn about the impact of new regulations, and discover how AWS is offering services and resources to help you comply with GDPR requirements that may apply to your activities.

Our GDPR Hub for the Public Sector is a good place to start, with downloadable eBooks, insightful videos, and more.


Changing Lives: the Future of Healthcare in the Cloud

By placing the future of healthcare in the cloud, we see the potential not just to change lives, but to save lives.

To find out how, download the eBook now.


Build a Better Government in the Cloud

AWS commissioned Forrester Consulting to evaluate European government plans, priorities, and challenges regarding digital transformation. Find out just how engaged these governments are in modernising their infrastructure and dive into further insights in this compelling new report.

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We're looking for the brightest thinkers, doers, and builders to help us innovate in Sweden. Come and be a part of something transformative!

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