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AWS Container Services support many different use cases and can be customized to fit your needs. Below you will find blogs, videos, and other resources for our most popular use cases.

Batch processing

Running hundreds of thousands of vCPUs on Amazon ECS with AWS Batch
Running batch workloads on Amazon ECS and AWS Fargate

Machine learning

Machine Learning on Amazon EKS

Hybrid applications

Amazon EKS Anywhere: Manage your Kubernetes clusters on premises
Amazon ECS Anywhere Demo
Running Containers in Hybrid Cloud Using AWS Outposts
Amazon EKS Distro: An open-source distribution of Kubernetes

Application migration

Best Practices when migrating to Amazon EKS
Containers Migrations with Amazon ECS
Containerize Java applications using App2Container and run them on AWS App Runner

Kubernetes on AWS

Amazon EKS and AWS Fargate: Better Together


Running Kubernetes on AWS Fargate
AWS Fargate: Are serverless containers right for you?

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