Coursera Moves to a Microservices-Based Architecture

Using Amazon ECS, Coursera was able to move their large monolithic application to a microservices-based architecture. Their time to deploy software changes went from hours to minutes.

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Group Messaging at Scale with Microservices on AWS

Palringo refreshed their architecture with microservices that support 50 million active users and over 1K requests at peak time. The architecture is powered by Amazon ECS, Lambda, Kinesis Analystics, and ALB.

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From Monolith to Less Than 100 ms with Amazon ECS

ZocDoc rebuilt parts of their monolith with Amazon ECS to get response times to less than 100ms.

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21st century fox

Building FOX NOW on Microservices

Fox Digital Consumer Group uses containerized microservices running on AWS to build and deliver FOX NOW, which streams millions of hours of digital content to consumers via web, mobile, and set-top devices.

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A Secure FCA Regulated B2C Payment Platform on ECS

Travelex built a FCA compliant end-to-end online payment service through a microservices architecture on Amazon ECS.

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Monolith to Microservices in Less Than Eight Weeks

Using Docker containers and Amazon ECS, WeWork migrated its cloud-hosted construction-project management tool to run as containerized microservices on AWS in just under eight weeks.

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How McDonald's Built Home Delivery Using Amazon ECS

McDonald's built and launched the Home Delivery platform in less than four months using a microservices architecture running on Amazon ECS, Amazon ECR, Application Load Balancer, Amazon Elasticache, Amazon SQS, Amazon RDS, and Amazon S3.

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Regional Replication with Amazon ECS

Verizon Wireless leverages Amazon ECS to deliver a rich mobile messaging experience to millions of customers, across both east and west coast AWS regions.

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go pro

GoPro Reduces Compute Footprint by 70% on Amazon ECS

GoPro runs its entire cloud-based IT infrastructure on AWS, serving hundreds of millions of API requests daily and storing multiple petabytes of data. Its architecture uses a loosely coupled microservices approach.

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From Monolith to Microservices with Amazon ECS

Vend migrated from a PHP-based monolith to a microservices architecture using Amazon ECS, AWS Elastic Load Balancers, Hashicorp's Consul, and OpenResty.

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the washington post

How The Washington Post Built the Arc Publishing Platform

Arc Publishing is a software-as-a-service platform that enables any media company to take advantage of the scalable, flexible publishing platform The Washington Post built for its own newsroom. Arc is built as containerized microservices running on AWS. 

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Machine learning


Machine Learning with AWS Fargate at Corteva Agriscience

AWS Fargate allowed Corteva Agriscience to start running their application at scale with low support overhead. This has resulted in faster turnaround time with fewer staff and a concomitant reduction in cost.  

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Containerized Machine Learning on AWS

In Japan, Cookpad uses Amazon ECS to run an image recognition platform on clusters of GPU-enabled EC2 instances.

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Building Real Time AI with AWS Fargate

By using AWS Fargate, Veritone was able to handle sudden bursts of real-time workloads with a consistent launch time and reduce operational overhead.

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Application migration to the cloud

"We are very excited to join the EKS community, where we can take advantage of the ever-growing Kubernetes ecosystem while Amazon absorbs the complexity. Having a unified architecture for both our private and public clouds allows us to evolve our products and migrate our workloads to AWS methodically over time, without negatively impacting our customers."

Tom Mitchell, VP of Architecture, EBSCO


Rebuilding Segment's Infrastructure with Amazon ECS

Over the course of 10 weeks, Segment completely re-worked their infrastructure and  moved their services to run in Docker containers.

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Vidsy Migrates to Amazon ECS in 10 Days

Vidsy migrated from Docker Cloud to Amazon ECS in just 10 days and has reduced its costs by 60 percent. Vidsy helps brands develop mobile-first video campaigns using the talents of Vidsy's community of 3,000 young creatives.

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“Migrating Movilizer’s architecture from running directly on servers into containers managed by Kubernetes has given us the ability to lower our operational costs and quickly scale into the cloud. Based on our experience, Amazon EKS is capable of supporting this complex, critical application and we plan to move all of our workloads to Amazon EKS. This will allow us to lower our operational costs while getting the reliability, security, and scalability of AWS.”

Vassil Hristov, CTO - Honeywell Movilizer

cbs sports digital

Highly Available Grafana on AWS Fargate

CBS Sports Digital recently migrated Sportsline.com from a datacenter VM infrastructure into AWS using Fargate, Elasticache, and Aurora.

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Platform as a service


Empire: A self-hosted PaaS built on Amazon ECS

Remind built Empire, a self-hosted platform as a service, that provides a 12 factor-compatible, Docker-based container cluster built on top of Amazon ECS, complete with a full-featured command line interface.

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“The opportunity to leverage Amazon EKS allows us to hugely simplify the amount of automation and infrastructure we need to directly manage. This, in turn, gives us more time to focus on a fantastic developer experience for our internal teams, which will ultimately allow them to spend more time building world class digital education services. Leveraging the rate of new developments in AWS helps my team to build like a start-up even though we are part of a major enterprise business.”

Chris Jackson, Director Cloud Platforms - Pearson


TIBCO Reduces Server Footprint by 40%

Software developer TIBCO provides the Simplr service, which makes connecting SaaS applications easy for nontechnical users. TIBCO migrated its virtual machine-based microservices to Docker containers running on Amazon ECS.

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