Database Migration webinars walk you through the entire process for switching your relational database to the AWS Cloud. The webinar series details how to assess migration readiness and select the right AWS solution for your application needs. Programming also helps you understand application porting requirements, assess short-term and long-term costs, accelerate data migration and ingest, enable Disaster Recovery (DR) and High Availability (HA) scenarios, and test and optimize your database in the cloud.

Learn when and how to switch from your existing commercial relational database management system (RDBMS) vendor and eliminate database contracts and escalating license fees for good. Attend and learn how to modernize and move your application to the AWS Cloud, while improving database performance, security, scalability, and availability, and while significantly lowering management time and costs. We will highlight the best use cases for assessing your migration readiness, calculating total cost of ownership (TCO), and evaluating application readiness. In the process, we’ll introduce you to AWS database services, and give you an overview of tested methodologies for migrating your database and applications to AWS.

Speaker: Tony Nguyen, Sr. Consultant, AWS Professional Services


Whether you’re running an operational database (ERP, payroll, student information system, health records management platform) or analytics database (big data, IoT), or want to establish a data warehouse for emerging business intelligence analytics needs, there’s an AWS Cloud database that’s right for your application and use case. Attend this webinar to learn the key considerations for cloud database selection and find the right fit for your applications. IT practitioners and database technology owners will learn how to assess data size, data shape, and their unique storage and compute requirements.

Speaker: Tony Nguyen, Sr. Consultant, AWS Professional Services

Learn about the full lifecycle of database migrations to the AWS Cloud, from provisioning to decommissioning, while taking into consideration your applications’ performance and availability, system scalability, data security, and database maintenance requirements, as well as project costs and timelines. Select from one of the following ‘how to’ webinars, customized for IT practitioners, as well as technical database and applications owners:

Ellucian chose Amazon RDS to deliver its mission-critical ERP applications with scale and security to higher education customers

The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority used Amazon RDS for PostgresSQL to put control back into the hands of developers, allowing them to innovate faster. 

Global Giving leverages Amazon Aurora to scale up its website and enable faster loading.

Blackboard shut down 29 data centers and adopted Amazon RDS, in order to fuel innovation and reduce costs.

Idaho State University improved cost savings and reliability with Amazon Aurora.

NYPL moved its digital collections to AWS, saving money while providing public access to 700,000+ images with Amazon RDS. 

The Government of Ontario, Canada serves 14 million citizens with reliable web data in Amazon Aurora.

See why Forrester’s report positions AWS as a Leader. AWS was the only vendor to receive a 5/5 on data security.*

Learn how to use Amazon’s DMS tool to migrate from commercial databases to AWS quickly, securely, and with minimal application downtime.

Optimize security for AWS database migrations.

A step-by-step technical migration guide for practitioners.