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Video on demand on AWS

Videos on Demand on AWS is a reference implementation that automatically provisions the AWS services necessary to build a scalable, distributed video-on-demand workflow. The solution leverages Amazon CloudWatch to monitor log files and sends Amazon SNS notifications for encoding, publishing, and errors.

AWS Limit monitor

The AWS Limit Monitor enables tracking of service usage against quotas. With this easy-to-deploy solution, you can audit your usage and make informed decision regarding resources. If actual usage exceeds 80% of a given service quota, AWS Lambda publishes a message to the Amazon SNS topic which is sent to an email address you specify during setup.

AWS ops automator

The AWS Ops Automator is a customizable solution designed to provide a core framework for automated tasks, allowing you to focus on extending functionality rather than managing underlying infrastructure operations. Warning and error messages are published to a solution-created Amazon SNS topic which sends messages to a subscribed email address.


Messaging for Parallel Processing with Amazon SNS (30:40)
AWS re:invent 2017: How the BBC Built a Massive Media Pipeline Using Microservices (52:47)
AWS re:invent 2017: Healthcare Payers and Serverless Batch Processing Engines (42:38)

This is My Architecture

F5 Networks: Autoscale Web Application Firewall (WAF) (4:45)
Cloudten and iCare: Building a Reliable and Secure Internet Gateway (4:46)
CSIRO: Using Serverless Computing to Help Genome Research (5:29)
CoreLogic: Spotting scalable architectures for batch workloads (4:08)
Okta: Scalable Event Processing with Kinesis, Lambda, and SNS (6:11)
CA Technologies: Serverless Deployment Pipelines (4:25)
Sophos: Inbound & Outbound Traffic Inspection (6:04)
4,000 Apps Later: Expedia's Automated CI/CD Platform (7:13)


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