Case studies

Sky Italia

Sky Italia is part of the Comcast-owned British satellite television service Sky, one of Europe’s leading direct-to-consumer media and entertainment companies, with 24 million customers in six countries. For its digital properties, Sky Italia chose AWS services to manage high page view numbers on its two main websites, Sky Sports and the news site Sky TG24. It uses AWS AppSync, a fully managed service to develop GraphQL APIs, enabling simple and secure data access to optimize data transfers and push real-time updates to millions of viewers. Sky Italia learned that AWS AppSync decreased time needed to propagate data by a factor of 15. It used to take a few minutes to push a full day’s update with multiple match scores; the process now takes milliseconds on AWS.

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HyperTrack offers a managed service for building live location apps. The company’s managed service powers live location tracking for workforce automation, logistics, on-demand delivery, the gig economy, ride sharing, and many more businesses. Tens of thousands of developers from various industries and regions use HyperTrack to track the real-time movement of their assets without building or managing their own infrastructure. AWS AppSync allows HyperTrack to visualize real-time data for millions of devices with no need to worry about actually managing the performance of a GraphQL server, which means they are able to quickly scale to meet demand. They started with a new product and no users when AWS AppSync enabled to get their solution up and running in days instead of weeks, today HyperTrack supports hundreds of millions of events on their platform using serverless technologies and AWS AppSync.

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The BMW Group

The BMW Group has worked to stay at the forefront of the automotive industry’s digital transformation by using data and predictive analytics. To generate these innovations, the BMW Group created a cloud-based data lake called the Cloud Data Hub (CDH) that processes and combines anonymized data from vehicle sensors and other sources across the enterprise to make it easily accessible for internal teams creating customer-facing and internal applications. The CDH leverages GraphQL via AWS AppSync to build scalable and universal APIs for data providers and consumers alike, increasing development flexibility. This helps them build applications significantly faster than before because they no longer have to create a new set of APIs for each project with a different set of data requirements.

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The streaming service Peacock—launched on July 15, 2020, by global media and technology company Comcast Corporation (Comcast)—arrived in an era of heightened consumer demand for video streaming services. As of December 2020, Peacock had already amassed over 26 million sign-ups. Comcast companies NBCUniversal and Sky partnered and dedicated resources to build this competitive streaming venture and moved from idea to implementation within 12 months. The Peacock development team built a fully scalable system using several AWS services, including AWS AppSync, a fully managed service that helps companies develop applications faster through scalable GraphQL APIs.

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Amazon Music

The global streaming music platform uses AWS AppSync along with AWS Amplify to enable millions of users to sync their music playlist and access it offline from their web and mobile apps at scale. They built a cloud-queuing solution that syncs cloud and local music queues and handles more than 70,000 transactions per second using AWS. The music streaming service wanted to unify its separate, device-specific music-queuing systems under a centralized solution to facilitate a seamless user experience across devices as well as support ongoing service innovation. Building on AWS, it developed a solution that relies on AWS AppSync and AWS Amplify to sync, store, and deliver its curated user experiences. Now, Amazon Music has a scalable solution that supports feature development, both through its technical capabilities and by minimizing the maintenance workload for its teams.

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QsrSoft designs software and applications that provide back-office support, promote operational excellence, and simplify reporting and analytics. It serves businesses of all sizes within the hospitality, restaurant, and retail industries. At the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, the company realized that its customers were facing challenges in retaining and motivating their workforces, and it wanted to provide resources that would help fill this gap. One of the company’s legacy solutions was a restaurant dashboard, a digital solution that facilitates locational and company-wide messaging across the front lines in near real time. While adopting the “Working Backwards” mechanism, QsrSoft reimagined its product using Amazon Fire TV Sticks, AWS Amplify, AWS Lambda, Amazon DynamoDB, and AWS AppSync. Since the rollout of new features, some of the company's customers have seen a 25 percent improvement in key performance areas, such as sales and service times.

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ProSiebenSat.1 Media SE

ProSiebenSat.1 Media SE is a German digital and media company focused on entertainment, dating, commerce, and other ventures. Its wholly owned subsidiary, Seven.One Entertainment Group, offers entertainment content across a variety of media technologies. To handle the peaks of inconsistent event-based entertainment traffic, Seven.One Entertainment Group transitioned to a serverless architecture using AWS services. To help them migrate from their on-premises solution, the company built an API-driven system using AWS AppSync because GraphQL provided the flexibility to adapt to changing data requirements.  With an AWS serverless infrastructure, the company reduced its costs by 60 percent, achieved 13 ms latency during peak times, and saved hours of preshow preparation time. 

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Neiman Marcus

A luxury household name, Neiman Marcus has a reputation for delivering a first-class, personalized customer service experience. GraphQL enables client apps to efficiently fetch, change, and subscribe to data from servers, and AWS AppSync helps Neiman Marcus specify which portions of its data should be available by using GraphQL subscriptions, simple statements in the application code that tell the service which data to update in real time. Choosing a serverless architecture with mobile development solutions based on AWS Amplify enabled the development team to launch the app much faster than in the 4 months it had originally planned, reducing development costs by 90% and increasing speed to market by 50%.

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More than 50,000 footwear shoppers walk into ALDO stores across North America and the UK every day. AWS AppSync allowed Aldo to focus on implementing features in their application instead of managing their system and its infrastructure, adding development velocity and accelerating time to market, which is what they need to deliver high-quality code and new features. With AppSync Aldo creates new applications in less than three months instead of the 6–12 months it would have taken previously using multiple APIs. 

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Repp Health

Repp Health developed a cloud-based tracking solution that uses Internet of Things (IoT) sensors to locate medical assets, staff, and patients in real time with 10-centimeter accuracy using ultra-wideband technology. The key to the user experience was AWS AppSync real-time subscriptions which enabled them to provide situational awareness to healthcare providers in real time and at limitless scale. 

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Public Good

Public Good Software is a leading cause-marketing platform with a goal of making news actionable by matching journalistic articles to relevant charitable causes. AWS AppSync allowed them to go from concept to production in less than a month with a single engineer working on the API backend. Because fewer calls were required from the client to the backend, the use of AWS AppSync lowered the latency in delivering actionable content. The combination of AWS AppSync and GraphQL meant data could be fetched and aggregated across multiple microservices in a single network request. 

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Busby implemented GraphQL APIs built using AWS AppSync, a fully managed GraphQL service that improves performance and enables companies to build applications faster. The customer was pleased with the high level of GraphQL observability achieved on AWS with increased productivity using AWS Amplify. Developers could implement and manage features with ease with GraphQL APIs automatically built and deployed on the cloud. Using AWS Amplify with AWS AppsSync enabled the small Busby team to create an MVP quickly and cost-effectively in just 3 months and then automatically adjust to exponential growth and scalability. 

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Fast-growing educational technology startup Knowt developed an app to change the way students and teachers study and create assessments. The Knowt team turned to AWS services, including AWS Amplify and AWS AppSync, to help them innovate in the cloud faster, build a new cloud architecture to support their growth, combine data from multiple sources in a single network request using a GraphQL API, and streamline their development process.

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State Auto

State Auto, the property and casualty insurer operating in 33 US states, provides insurance products covering personal, commercial, farm and ranch, and workers’ compensation risks. In 2019, the company decided to create a cloud-native version of its traditional technology stack using Amazon Web Services (AWS), and built a web application that fosters a culture of innovation and improves the user experience for insurance agents and their customers using AWS AppSync. The managed GraphQL service changes how agents use, view, and interact with data, resulting in faster response times, which improve agent productivity and benefit State Auto customers.

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Digital health leader ResMed is one of the leading global providers of cloud-connected solutions for people with sleep apnea, COPD, asthma and other chronic conditions. In 2021, ResMed helped improve the lives of over 133 million people in over 140 countries. Now, ResMed has a goal to improve 250 million lives in 2025, and it needs an agile, serverless solution to increase user satisfaction and achieve greater scalability. ResMed turned to Amazon Web Services (AWS) solutions to scale to support more device users globally, reduce application latency, and deploy new features more quickly. To develop its myAir application, ResMed selected AWS AppSync. In conjunction with a suite of other AWS solutions, the company was able to reduce operational overhead by 80 percent, improve the user experience, and provide more accurate and valuable insights by using machine learning.

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Branch Insurance

Branch Insurance (Branch) used AWS to improve diversity in its hiring process and accelerate its application development cycles by 6 months. Branch offers simplified insurance policies and bundles to people in 33 states. The startup recognized that it could build products efficiently by using managed services on AWS. Branch implemented a serverless architecture and used AWS AppSync to speed up development, simplify environment creation and duplication, and reduce custom backend code to off-load infrastructure maintenance. As a result, the company developed a new training boot camp that increased hiring diversity, quickened the pace of code deployments, and set up the company for continued growth

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Automatic Data Processing

Automatic Data Processing (ADP) used AWS solutions to consolidate and modernize its flagship solutions, MyADP and ADP Mobile. The company provides human resource solutions, including payroll processing for one in six American employees, and it is expanding globally. However, its user experience was disjointed, and ADP wanted to deliver low-error performance. The company used AWS AppSync and AWS Lambda to streamline and unify its solutions, saving significant labor and financial resources while increasing staff productivity.

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American Commercial Barge Line

American Commercial Barge Lines (ACBL)

American Commercial Barge Lines (ACBL) operates equipment for transporting cargoes along 7,200 miles of U.S. inland waterways. ACBL uses AWS AppSync in their infrastructure for service-to-service communication and in their proprietary internal frontend applications.

“AWS AppSync has allowed us to realize the power of GraphQL without the burden of supporting any server related GraphQL instances. We are using AWS AppSync as the main backbone interface for our services to other services and frontend applications. Utilizing schemas and custom resolvers has allowed us to easily hide the complexities of getting data from Amazon DynamoDB, Amazon Aurora, Amazon S3, and Amazon Elasticsearch Service from all applications. AWS AppSync also allows for fine grain access control which reduces the operational burden of managing the security for end points.”

Bradley Harrison, Application Development Manager - American Commercial Barge Lines



PureSec delivers end-to-end security solutions for serverless applications. PureSec uses AWS AppSync to provide their customers with real-time updates on the security of their serverless applications.

“We use AWS AppSync to provide our customers with real-time updates on their AWS Lambda security posture, all the way through collecting alerts issued by our serverless application firewall and serverless behavioral protection, to displaying those alerts in our serverless dashboard. AWS AppSync allowed us to create a fully managed GraphQL layer for collecting and displaying security events in real-time. It also enables us to protect enterprise serverless environments by automatically scaling to support the workloads of our customers.”

Avi Shulman, VP Technical Evangelism - PureSec

IDT Telecom

IDT Telecom

IDT Telecom provides communications and payment services to help people stay in touch and share resources around the world. IDT uses AWS AppSync in their Cryptocurrency, Peer-to-peer wallets, and Money Transfer services such as their BOSS Revolution App.

“AWS AppSync is an integral part of our architecture that consists of AWS Lambda, Amazon DynamoDB, AWS Step Functions, Amazon Cognito, and Amazon Elasticsearch Service, among others. AWS AppSync has helped us simplify the data flow in our applications, increase the maintainability of our platform, and streamline our release cycle. We can now easily develop and deploy end-to-end services with very little continuous maintenance. This lets us focus on building awesome products for our customers rather than managing complex infrastructure.”

Zev Green, Principal Product Manager - IDT Corporation


Arizona State University (ASU)

Arizona State University (ASU) is a top-ranked research university, located in the Greater Phoenix Metropolitan area. ASU uses AWS AppSync in their real-time mobile chat app, which caters to a student population of over 100K.

“Our entire app from the ground-up revolves around AWS AppSync and we can seamlessly release new services without needing to stand up new APIs. AWS AppSync takes care of all the heavy lifting, such as offline data access, data synchronization, and caching for us. We are excited about the future as we continue to expand more and more services monthly for our students knowing that AWS AppSync will be able to support and scale with us throughout our development journey.”

Zohair Zaidi, Manager of Mobile & IoT Development - Arizona State University

Public Good

Public Good is a platform for driving civic engagement such as donations, advocacy, and volunteering through digital media on news outlets and socially conscious brands. Public Good uses AWS AppSync in their platform to connect news events with engagement activities and display relevant actions to news readers, so they can act on issues at the moment they are inspired.

“Using AWS AppSync as a GraphQL gateway has helped us reduce the number of server-side API calls made by our client code from a dozen to one or two. We were able to do this without having to maintain another API sever, and we got this up and running with a week’s-worth of engineering effort. AWS AppSync enables our platform to scale with our variable traffic, and it comes in at a much lower cost than implementing our own provider in our application stack.”

Michael S. Manley, Chief Technology Officer - Public Good Software, Inc.



Cookpad delivers a community platform for people to share recipe ideas and cooking tips. Cookpad uses AWS AppSync in their cooking Live app, which allows people to watch live cooking shows delivered by chefs, professional cooks and celebrities, and is available for Android, iOS, and FireTV.

“We use AWS AppSync for real-time interactions, such as questions, comments, likes, stamps, and viewer count during our live show broadcasts. AWS AppSync is able to automatically scale to support an audience of thousands of viewers who simultaneously connect at the beginning of the live cooking show and send a high-volume of messages throughout the program.”

Shinya Watanabe, CTO - CookpadTV Inc.

Assent Compliance

Assent Compliance

Assent Compliance provides cloud-based SaaS solutions that help companies manage their supply chain data, facilitate stakeholder and supply chain education on regulatory and program requirements, and increase transparency between businesses.

“We strive to combine technology and business domain expertise to help our customers understand compliance risks in their supply chain. We needed a way to process compliance documents at scale. Our process is to read images and PDF documents with forms, tables, and free-form text and extract data of interest from within those documents. We chose GraphQL for our API technology to avoid time-consuming API modifications when new data requirements get introduced and to manage real-time subscriptions.

To implement GraphQL we chose AWS AppSync because it is a serverless GraphQL service that supports real-time subscriptions. We coupled this with AWS Amplify libraries which make it easy to connect our Angular web application to Amazon Cognito and AWS AppSync. We have greatly appreciated the simplicity of creating subscriptions and making our data available to our developers in the form they choose. Using this efficient mix of AppSync and Amplify lowered the overhead and maintenance of managing our own GraphQL server, we can now focus on what we do best which is to provide accurate insights into our customers' supply chain risk and get them immediate feedback on whether their company is at compliance risk."

Corey Peters, AI/ML Team Lead - Assent Compliance

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