Amazon Neptune

Serverless graph database designed for superior scalability and availability

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How it works

Amazon Neptune is a fully managed database service built for the cloud that makes it easier to build and run graph applications. Neptune provides built-in security, continuous backups, serverless compute, and integrations with other AWS services.

Use cases

Transform personalization with customer 360

Easily build identity graphs for identity resolution solutions such as social graphs and 360-degree views of your customers. Accelerate updates for ad targeting, personalization, and analytics.

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Detect fraud patterns

Build graph queries for near real-time fraud pattern detection by modeling relationships between people, places, and transactions to discover relationships that might not be obvious.

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Unleash machine learning predictions

Amazon Neptune machine learning (ML) uses graph Neural Networks (GNNs) to improve the accuracy of most predictions for graphs by over 50% when compared to predictions using non-graph methods.

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Improve IT security

Proactively detect and investigate IT infrastructure using a layered security approach. Model assets to relationships to see how different dimensions of your IT environment interact.

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How to get started

How it works

Learn about key features including serverless, global database, security, and more.

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Explore pricing

Learn more about Neptune pricing including options like global database.

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Learning resources

Find documentation, courses, and sample projects.

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