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The AWS Serverless Application Repository is a managed repository for serverless applications. It enables teams, organizations, and individual developers to store and share reusable applications, and easily assemble and deploy serverless architectures in powerful new ways. Using the Serverless Application Repository, you don't need to clone, build, package, or publish source code to AWS before deploying it. Instead, you can use pre-built applications from the Serverless Application Repository in your serverless architectures, helping you and your teams reduce duplicated work, ensure organizational best practices, and get to market faster. Integration with AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) provides resource-level control of each application, enabling you to publicly share applications with everyone or privately share them with specific AWS accounts. To share an application you've built, publish it to the AWS Serverless Application Repository.

Each application is packaged with an AWS Serverless Application Model (SAM) template that defines the AWS resources used. Publicly shared applications also include a link to the application’s source code. There is no additional charge to use the Serverless Application Repository - you only pay for the AWS resources used in the applications you deploy.

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Develop More Powerful Apps

Quickly assemble serverless architectures in powerful new ways. Discover and share reusable serverless application patterns, privately or publicly, and compose new serverless architectures using the simplified syntax of AWS SAM

Easily Manage Applications

Use pre-built applications in your serverless deployments, eliminating the need to clone, build, package, and publish source code to AWS before deploying it. It also supports SAM and semantic versioning to enable simple application management.  

Reuse, Don't Rebuild

Develop and publish serverless applications once, store them in the Serverless Application Repository, and use them privately across teams or with the greater community to reduce duplicated efforts and accelerate development workflows.

Ensure Best Practices

Find and distribute serverless applications for common use cases. Build organizational best practices into your serverless architectures to help ensure consistency across teams—use permissions to share applications with specific AWS accounts.

Featured Apps: Alexa Skills, IoT, Machine Learning

Alexa Anagram

Ask Alexa to list anagrams for a word. It will respond with the count and anagrams for the requested word

Published by: evanchiu

Alexa Salesforce Notes - Sample

Demonstrates how to build a private Alexa skill to access Salesforce data

Published by: Alexa for Business

Rekognition - SQS

Trigger a Lambda function to perform image analysis using SQS as an event source

Published by: Kashif Imran & Ganesh Shankaran

IoT Twilio Bridge

A bridge between AWS IoT and Twilio for your devices to send messages to Twilio

Published by: TensorIoT

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Featured Apps: Data Transformation and Media Processing

Image Moderation Chatbot

Automatically remove messages containing inappropriate images from channels of popular chat apps

Published by: robperc

Document Generator

Create and modify documents, PDFs, and books

Published by: ryfeus

NYC Parks Events Crawler

Crawl the NYC Parks' Events site, generate a scoped view of its data, and store it in a DynamoDB table

Published by: Chris Munns

Retweet Leaderboard

Process events from a Twitter event source app to update a leaderboard in real time

Published by: jlhood

Featured Apps: Logging, Monitoring, and Security

Feed Logger

Automatically log the body of a web result at a set frequency

Published by: Ranek Kiil

API Save Lambda DynamoDB

A Lambda function with API Gateway integration that saves request data to a DynamoDB table. Written in CORS

Published by: Aleksandar Simovic

FunctionShield - Protected Function

Enforce strict security controls on your Lambda function runtime

Published by: PureSec

Application Cost Monitoring

Provides granular AWS spend tracking

Published by: ServerlessOps

Featured Apps: Notification, Authentication, and Location

Contact Us Form

Use API Gateway, Lambda, and SNS to create a Serverless "Contact Us" form for a static website

Published by: Randy Findley

Billing Reports

Deliver the latest AWS costs breakdown to your Slack channel

Published by: Octo Technology Australia

Serverless Cognito

Authenticate your users through Cognito, Lambda, and API Gateway

Published by: Marek Kuczynski

Toll Cost

Calculate tolls for international driving routes

Published by: HERE Technologies

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Apps to Get Started: Say Hello, World

Hello, World - Python 3

A starter AWS Lambda function

Published by: AWS

Greengrass Hello World - Node.js

Deploy this Lambda function to a Greengrass core where it will send a hello world message to a topic

Published by: AWS

Simple Mobile Backend

A simple mobile backend (read/write to DynamoDB)

Published by: AWS 

Lambda Test Harness

Provides a simple framework for conducting various tests of your Lambda functions

Published by: AWS

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