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The AWS Serverless Application Repository enables you to quickly deploy code samples, components, and complete applications for common use cases such as web and mobile back-ends, event and data processing, logging, monitoring, IoT, and more. Each application is packaged with an AWS Serverless Application Model (SAM) template that defines the AWS resources used. Publicly shared applications also include a link to the application’s source code. There is no additional charge to use the Serverless Application Repository - you only pay for the AWS resources used in the applications you deploy.

You can also use the Serverless Application Repository to publish your own applications and share them within your team, across your organization, or with the community at large. To share an application you've built, publish it to the AWS Serverless Application Repository.

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Featured Apps: Alexa Skills, IoT, Machine Learning

Alexa Random Restaurant

Python based back-end for an Alexa skill that returns an open restaurant in a specified city using the Yelp API

Published by: Harsha Warrdhan Sharma

IoT Twitter Bridge

A bridge between AWS IoT and Twitter for your devices to tweet messages directly to Twitter

Published by: TensorIoT

Splunk IoT Processor

Respond to events from IoT and send to Splunk HTTP Event Collector (HEC)

Published by: Splunk

Machine Learning & Red Wine

Train and run a Machine Learning model to predict the quality of your red wine

Published by: Pierre-Antoine Sondag

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Featured Apps: Media Processing

Lex FFmpeg Converter

An FFmpeg audio converter for Amazon Lex

Published by: Pahud Hsieh


A serverless application that downloads podcasts to an S3 bucket

Published by: Stilvoid

Image Processing Service

Uses ImageMagick to perform simple image processing operations, such as resizing

Published by: AWS


Copy and apply a sepia tone to images using Lambda

Published by: Evan Chiu

Featured Apps: Logging and Monitoring

Feed Logger

Automatically log the body of a web result at a set frequency

Published by: Ranek Kiil

Datadog RDS Enhanced

Collects granular OS-level metrics from CloudWatch logs and sends them to Datadog for alerting, dashboarding, and analyzing

Published by: Datadog


Collect and store crypto currency prices and send yourself an alert if one changes significantly

Published by: Drew Dresser

Kinesis Process Record - Python

Sample app: An Amazon Kinesis stream processor that logs the data being published

Published by: AWS

Featured Apps: Notifications and Location

Reddit Headline SMS

Send a daily headline from reddit via SMS

Published by: Ranek Kiil


Send a daily link to a random dog picture to a phone number, via AWS Lambda and SNS

Published by: Kevin McCandless


Provides positioning estimates based on global Wi-Fi and cell coverage

Published by: HERE Technologies


Convert street addresses to geo-coordinates and vice-versa with geocoding, including landmarks, and reverse geocoding

Published by: HERE Technologies

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Apps to Get Started: Say Hello, World

Hello, World - Python 3

A starter AWS Lambda function

Published by: AWS

Greengrass Hello World - Node.js

Deploy this Lambda function to a Greengrass core where it will send a hello world message to a topic

Published by: AWS

Simple Mobile Backend

A simple mobile backend (read/write to DynamoDB)

Published by: AWS 

Lambda Test Harness

Provides a simple framework for conducting various tests of your Lambda functions

Published by: AWS

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