Industrial Time Series Sensor Data Connectivity on AWS

Connect your time series data to AWS Big Data services to drive business insights

The Industrial Time Series Data Connectivity solution synchronizes your industrial process time series data with AWS, so you can leverage the full breadth of cost-effective, scalable AWS and APN Partner services to drive new business insights. As organizations look to reduce costs, accelerate their pace of innovation, and bring together previously siloed data, connecting their time series data into their AWS environment is an attractive option.

This solution is supported by the consulting offer crafted by AWS Partner Network (APN) Competency Partner 47Lining. By helping you establish an end-to-end data flow from your time series data to AWS for advanced analytics, this solution bridges the gap between the devices powering your business.

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    Solution highlights:

    • Deliver critical business insights with descriptive, predictive, and real-time analytics on your time series data
    • Protect your time series data using a broad set of security services including encryption at rest, identity and access management, and more
    • Eliminate data silos by connecting your time series data with your AWS data lake
    • Establish real-time feeds to get your data from the edge to the cloud and back as required

    Key features:

    • Connect to your time series system data using Windows Integrated Security (WIS), virtual private network (VPN), and your existing user credentials for a strong security posture
    • Synchronize your on-premises industrial time series data structure with your AWS data lake
    • Subscribe to snapshot and archive updates to get your data to AWS for analysis through Amazon Kinesis. Backfill historic data to Amazon S3 for cost-effective storage
    • Establish real-time data feeds to AWS IoT Analytics via AWS IoT Core Service
    • Use Amazon Athena to explore your data using standard SQL
    • Publish your data in an Amazon S3 bucket for sandboxed analytics
    • Use a dedicated Management Console web application to explore features and access administrative functions
    • Explore and analyze your data using a wide variety of AWS services supporting agile analytics, helping you optimize your business and its operations
    • Visualize your data by using Kibana dashboards and PI Points data available in AWS Elasticsearch Service (Amazon ES) or leverage tools from APN Partners like Tableau and Looker

    This solution was developed by 47Lininig, an AWS Big Data Competency Partner. With 47Lining, you can leverage cloud scale, agility, and cost-effectiveness to gain better visibility into your industrial systems by connecting your PI System data to AWS. Then, you can use AWS Big Data services to drive new insights that allow you to increase machine uptime, reduce costs, and optimize operational efficiency.

  • Work with an APN Partner
  • Work with an APN Partner

    AWS Competency Partners deliver implementations, integrate relevant AWS services, and accelerate the ramp-up of new users. This solution was developed in collaboration with 47Lining, an Advanced APN Consulting Partner and AWS Big Data Competency Partner.


    Industrial Time Series Sensor Data Connectivity on AWS with 47Lining

    Enable advanced analytics on your industrial time series data. Launch your industrial time series data on the cloud with a PoC leveraging a reference architecture, AWS services, and 47Lining experts.

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