ThingLogix Foundry: IoT on AWS Made Easy

Simplify, accelerate, and optimize the development, deployment, and operation of market-facing IoT solutions architected on AWS

Foundry, the ThingLogix proprietary cloud platform, simplifies, accelerates, and optimizes the development, deployment, and operation of market-facing IoT solutions architected on AWS. Foundry Packages, the component applications built on Foundry, are sets of composite IoT functionality, packaged to enable market-facing IoT solutions for specific industries and use cases, such as Fluid Metering and Leak Detection, or Voice Ordering.

This solution is provided by ThingLogix, an Advanced APN Technology Partner and AWS IoT Competency holder.

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    Solution highlights:

    • ­Create, deploy, manage, and evolve connected solutions, quickly and easily
    • Access and utilize essential functionality for any market-facing IoT solution
    • Incorporate specialized IoT functionality for specific use cases
    • Optimize the serverless IT environment of Amazon Web Services (AWS)

    Key features:

    • ­Manages the entire IoT solution lifecycle
    • Enables specific use cases with component apps
    • Allows solution development by clicking, not coding
    • Supports any IoT technology environment
    • Processes and analyzes real-time streaming data
    • Integrates with CRM, ERP, enterprise data stores, machine learning tools
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  • Launch

    You can purchase and launch ThingLogix Foundry through AWS Marketplace using a Software as a Service (Saas) delivery model.

  • Work with an APN Partner
  • Work with an APN Partner

    APN Partners with the AWS IoT Competency designation offer consulting services to help you quickly discover value from this solution. Click on the link below to find more about these APN Partners and their consulting offers, and to request more information or support.

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