Ultra Commerce

A market leading, modern digital commerce solution for midsize enterprises that is faster to deploy, flexible, and delivered at a lower cost to traditional solutions

Ultra Commerce Is an APN Partner Solution That Can Be Rapidly Deployed on AWS

Ultra Commerce provides affordable and low-risk digital commerce solutions for midsize enterprises and retailers. They facilitate delivery of comprehensive enterprise-grade capabilities as well as the ability to customize, extend, and innovate for future needs. Natively available capabilities include storefront, product catalog, merchandising, shopping cart, check-out, search, offers, and promotions for both B2C and B2B use-cases. Add-on modules are also available for Marketplace, Order Management System (OMS), Product Inventory Management (PIM), and Content Management System (CMS), which significantly reduce the need for third-party technologies and integrations.

Ultra Commerce is an APN Advanced Technology Partner and has achieved AWS Digital Customer Experience and AWS Retail Competencies through the AWS Competency Program. Competency Partners have industry expertise, solutions that align with AWS architectural best practices, and staff with AWS certifications.

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AWS Partner Network Competency


Enterprise Grade Digital Commerce

Ultra Commerce delivers comprehensive out-of-the-box digital commerce capabilities, reducing the need for third-party integrations.

Pay-as-you-consume Commercial Model

Consume resources on-demand, enabling rapid innovation without the need to sign upfront term-based contracts.

Eliminate Downtime

Backed by industry-leading 99.999% availability SLAs and 24x7x365 support, Ultra ensures your site is always available to transact.

Solution Highlights

Ultra Commerce is available as a software as a service (SaaS) via AWS Marketplace. Ultra Commerce is a digital commerce platform designed to promote rapid business innovation aligned with a pay-as-you-consume licensing model. With just a few clicks, Ultra Commerce empowers organizations to deliver outstanding customer experiences by combining native enterprise-grade digital commerce features with a highly customizable framework.

  • Faster time to market. Get your digital commerce solution live and transacting faster with our pre-built module library. It enables you to realize value earlier through reduced development effort.
  • Lower TCO. Reduced upfront costs by only paying for the functionality you consume.
  • Flexible and easy to customize. Future-proof your investments with an extensible framework built to be customized, including pre-built templates for third-party integrations such as Payment Gateways, Digital Wallets, Tax, Shipping, and Geolocation.
  • Guaranteed availability. Our solution is underpinned by the highest service levels in the market, ensuring availability at 99.999%.
Ultraserve Solution Diagram Workflow

Case Study: Global Online Gaming Store


As one of the world’s largest online stores for gamers, the customer frequently has large promotional events, new product releases, and gaming events that require a highly scalable platform to service large user volumes. Facing several vital user experience issues and lost revenue due to site downtime, the customer came to Ultra Commerce to take advantage of their expertise.


In under 50 days, Ultra migrated the customer’s digital commerce solution including a database re-platform to Amazon Aurora Database leveraging the AWS Schema Conversion Tool and AWS Database Migration Service. Once the migration was complete, Ultra Commerce's solution provided a guaranteed Service Level Agreement (SLA) of 99.99% uptime, delivering much needed stability, scalability, and performance improvements in line with the customer’s workload dynamics. Continuing to make the most of AWS offerings, Ultra Commerce utilized Amazon ElastiCache for Memcached to deliver session persistence. In the unlikely event of infrastructure failure, Ultra Commerce ensures the customer’s end users won't experience any session-related issues, such as their cart being destroyed, or being forcefully logged out.


Since deployment, the customer has experienced minimal downtime with no breach to the 99.99% availability agreement, and deployments now take less than 30 minutes with zero downtime. The ability to keep the site updated with the latest and greatest products and offers while processing orders at any time of the day has increased the customer’s ability to be competitive and differentiated in the marketplace as a true global 24/7/365 business.

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