The AWS Public Sector Summit invites the cloud-computing community to connect, collaborate, and learn about AWS. At this action-packed, one-day event, choose from 15 breakout sessions covering a broad range of topics and technical depth. Attend introductory sessions on new and existing AWS services, or participate in sessions that dive deep into architecture and code. Learn from subject-matter experts at AWS, and from customers and partners across the industry, as they share real-world experiences and lessons learned.

08:00 - 09:00 Registration

09:00 - 09:50 Session 1

10:00 - 10:50 Session 2

11:00 - 12:15 Keynote  

12:15 - 13:15 Lunch

13:15 - 14:05 Session 3

14:15 - 15:05 Session 4

15:15 - 15:45 Break

15:45 - 16:35 Session 5

16:45 - 18:30 Networking Reception   

In the Technical Track, attendees will learn best practices from security and compliance to DevOps. In addition, you will hear from AWS experts on artificial intelligence and machine learning, and what this technology can do for organization both now and in the future.

In the Management Track, attendees will hear AWS customers share their stories on migration and transformation. They’ll address navigating cultural changes within their organizations, as well as how cloud technology is enabling them to achieve their departmental objectives. Learn best practices on procurement and accelerate your path to cloud adoption.

In the Spotlight Track, attendees will have an opportunity to hear from AWS customers and subject-matter experts on topics including building your next generation of IT workforce, complying with GDPR, and increasing innovation and citizen engagement through open data. Join us for an interactive discussion!

  • Technical Track

    Big Data Meets AI - Driving Insights and Adding Intelligence to Your Solutions

    10:00 - 10:50


    Over 90% of today’s data has been generated in the last two years, and growth rates continue to climb.  In this session, we’ll step through challenges and best practices with data capturing, how to derive meaningful insights to help predict the future, and common pitfalls in data analysis.

    Come discover how integrated solutions involving Amazon S3, AWS Glue, Amazon Redshift, Amazon Athena, Amazon EMR,  Amazon Kinesis, and Amazon Machine Learning, and Deep Learning on AWS result in effective data systems for data scientists and business users, alike.

    Ben Snively, Principal Solutions Architect, AWS; Kate Werling, Solutions Architect, AWS


    Managing Security on AWS

    13:15 - 14:05 

    Customers using AWS benefit from a multitude of security and compliance controls built into AWS solutions. In this session, you will learn how to take advantage of the advanced security features of AWS to gain the visibility, agility, and control that the cloud affords users over legacy environments. We will take a look at several reference architectures for common workloads and highlight the innovative ways customers are using AWS to manage security more efficiently. After attending this session, you will be familiar with the Shared Responsibility Model and ways you can inherit security controls from the rich compliance and accreditation programs maintained by AWS.

    Matt Johnson, Solutions Architect, AWS


    Raising the Bar for Security and Compliance Across the EU

    14:15 - 15:05

    At AWS, earning our customers’ trust is our top priority. That is why security and data protection are job zero. AWS provides a wide range of services and best practices to help customers meet the most stringent compliance requirements, including the impending General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Dive deep with AWS into data protection best practices and identify the tools that will enable you to successfully transform the way you handle and protect your data.

    Christian Hesse, Senior Manager, Data Protection, AWS


    Building the Organisation of the Future: Leveraging Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

    15:45 - 16:35  

    Artificial intelligence and machine learning are no longer the stuff of science fiction. Organisations of all sizes are using these tools to create innovative artificial intelligences applications – namely,'s own retail experience. Join us for an inside look at how Amazon thinks about this technology, and hear from Skinvision on how they’re using machine learning for early skin-cancer detection.  Through these stories, gain insight into a range of new machine learning services on AWS for use in your own business.

    Breght Boschker, CTO, Skinvision

    Miguel Rojo Rossi, Solutions Architect Lead, AWS

  • Management Track

    Transform Government IT with VMware Cloud on AWS, an Integrated Hybrid Solution

    9:00 - 9:50

    Government agencies are increasingly turning to commercial cloud service providers for the infrastructure flexibility to achieve consolidation, application modernization, and disaster recovery goals. For government customers running vSphere workloads, VMware and AWS have teamed up to provide a hybrid-cloud solution that eliminates the complexity and intensive resource management required to adopt the cloud. VMware Cloud on AWS™ removes traditional barriers to hybrid-cloud portability by integrating VMware Software-Defined Data Center (SDDC) technologies with AWS global infrastructure and application services. Customers can run VMware SDDC solutions on dedicated, bare-metal AWS infrastructure to create a common-cloud infrastructure, with unified deployment and operations across on-premises and public-cloud environments. Don’t miss this opportunity to discover why organizations are using VMware Cloud on AWS to bring to market hybrid-cloud strategies that streamline service delivery and your ability to achieve your mission.

    Tim Hearn, Director, UK Public Sector, VMWare UK; Paul Bockelman, Senior Manager, Amazon Web Services


    Achieving Your Department Objectives: Providing Better Citizen Services at Lower Costs

    10:00 - 10:50


    Most likely, your organisation is not in the business of running data centers, yet a significant amount of time and money is spent doing just that. AWS provides a way to acquire and use infrastructure on-demand, so that you pay only for what you consume. This puts more money back into the business, so that you can innovate more, expand faster, and be better-positioned to take advantage of new opportunities.

    Fabrizio Pappalardo, Partner Manager, AWS  


    Workforce Transformation: How to Effectively Lead Change Management

    13:15 - 14:05 

    While many leaders are committed to a digital transformation, plans can easily get derailed before reaching execution. CIOs and executives, alike, should consider a different approach—one that takes into account the human and behavioural complexities underpinning this challenge. In this session, we’ll share stories of leaders who have managed successful IT transformations and their lessons learned along the way. We’ll address how to build skills among your IT staff through training and certification. We’ll also discuss ways to take advantage of collaborative workspaces, and best practices to aid in an effective implementation.

    Bert Weyne, ICT Responsible Application, Manager, Agentschap Wegen & Verkeer

    Thomas Blood, EMEA Enterprise Evangelist, AWS


    Accelerate Your Migration: How Customers Are Approaching Large-Scale Migrations and Data Center Exits

    14:15 - 15:05

    In this session, we join the European Commission, MirrorWeb, and Agentschap Wegen en Verkeer as they share their journeys of migration and transformation. While their missions are diverse, they all share common goals: move faster, reduce costs, increase security, and create a culture where builders can innovate for their customers. In this session, we focus on what we've learned from helping a multitude of similar public sector organisations migrate their legacy footprints to AWS and transform their platforms to better achieve their missions.

    Philip Clegg, CTO, MirrorWeb Florin Bota, IT Service Manager, European Commission; Bert Weyne, ICT Responsible Application, Manager, Agentschap Wegen & Verkeer

    Christopher Tromans, Business Development Manager, AWS


    DevOps: The Amazon Story

    15:45 - 16:35  

    As Public Sector development teams transition to cloud-based architectures and adopt more agile processes, the tools they need to support their development cycles will change. In this session, we'll take you through the transition that Amazon made to a service-oriented architecture over a decade ago. We will share the lessons we learned, the processes we adopted, and the tools we built to increase both our agility and reliability. We will also introduce you to the AWS Code family services which were born out of Amazon's internal DevOps experience and are utilised by many Public Sector customers globally.

    Mario Vlachakis, Solutions Architect, AWS

  • Spotlight Track

    Mission (Not) Impossible: Applying NIST 800-53 High Impact-Controls on AWS for GDPR Compliance

    9:00 - 9:50

    You might think it’s impossible to achieve NIST 800-53 high-impact controls in your environment. However, AWS and Trend Micro make this a viable scenario, even in hybrid environments. Learn about the ability to use security controls to retain logs, control access to systems, or monitor changes, and discover how to achieve automation using technologies like AWS CloudFormation. Join this session and get a peek at the inner workings of the AWS & Trend Micro Quick Start Reference Deployment Guide for NIST 800-53 that can help you quickly deliver high-impact controls in an automated, repeatable fashion to help achieve and maintain GDPR compliance.

    Bharat Mistry, Security Strategist, Trend Micro


    GDPR: Security & Data Protection at the Core of Your Strategy

    10:00 - 10:50



    The EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) protects EU citizens’ fundamental right to privacy and the protection of personal data. It introduces robust requirements that will raise and harmonize standards for data protection, security, and compliance. Come learn how to work with AWS to build your security and data protection strategy, and how to transform the way your organisation processes data. In this session, we will examine GDPR as the baseline for data protection, with the belief that organisations should aim higher. The cloud makes this a realistic goal.

    Francisco Mingorance, General Secretary, CISPE

    Tim Rains, Principal Business Developer, Security Acceleration, AWS; Stephane Ducable, Director, EU Public Policy, AWS


    Transforming the Business of Education

    13:15 - 14:05 

    The implementation of highly scalable, easy-to-deploy technology is radically transforming educational models and student engagement. The cloud offers cost savings and agility, as well as the opportunity to develop breakthroughs in customer and student experience. In this panel session, innovative companies will highlight how the cloud has accelerated the delivery of new learning outcomes at scale, discuss what we can apply to make education more engaging in the future world of work, and look at what we can learn from the history of technology to influence new innovations. For a fun and insightful journey please join panelists Chris Jackson, Director Cloud Platforms, Pearson; Julia Von Klonowski, Digital director, Career Colleges; Glenn Gillis, Managing Director, Sea Monster; Iñaki Velez de Guevara Rodriguez, CIO, Santillana; and AWS hosts Pilar Torres, Country Manager, Iberia; Paul Grist, Head of Education, EMEA.

    Chris Jackson, Director Cloud Platforms, Pearson; Julia Von Klonowski, Digital Director, Career Colleges; Glenn Gillis, Managing Director, Sea Monster; Inaki Velez de Guevara Rodriguez, CIO, Santillana

    Pilar Torres, Country Manager, Iberia, AWS; Paul Grist, Head of Education, EMEA, AWS   


    Open Data Revolution: How Sharing Data in the Cloud is Increasing Innovation and Citizen Engagement

    14:15 - 15:05

    This session highlights how democratising access to information fosters innovation, improves service delivery, and engages citizens to address big societal challenges. When customers choose to share data on AWS, anyone can analyze it without needing to download or store it themselves. This allows decision makers to spend more time on data analysis rather than on data acquisition. You will hear how the Finnish Meteorological Institute is sharing weather model data on AWS, which is enabling new product development and research at lower cost. Attend this session to hear real examples of how the cloud puts data to work.

    Roope Tervo, Lead Architect, Finnish Meteorological Institute

    Jed Sundwall, Manager, Open Data Program, AWS; Daniel Bernao, Solutions Architech, AWS;


    [We] Power Tech: Engaging & Retaining Technology Talent

    15:45 - 16:35  

    Decades of research show that inclusive and diverse teams produce better business results. How do we prioritise inclusion on technical teams? What can leaders do – from cultivating the pipeline, to hiring and developing internal strategies – to make the future of tech more diverse and inclusive? Listen in on a panel of expert technical leaders as they explore inclusion around race, gender, gender identity, ability status, and other underrepresented and intersectional communities. Attendees will leave with guidance for incorporating inclusion and driving more effective results. 

    Cheryl D. Miller Van Dyck, Founding Director Digital Leadership Institute; Julia Von Klonowski, Digital Director, Career Colleges