AWS Elemental MediaTailor

Linear channel assembly and personalized ad-insertion

AWS Elemental MediaTailor is a channel assembly and personalized ad insertion service for video providers to create linear OTT (internet delivered) channels using existing video content and monetize those channels, or other live streams and VOD content, with personalized advertising. With MediaTailor, virtual linear channels are created without the expense, complexity, and management of real-time live encoding, and live streams maintain a TV-like experience across multiscreen video applications. Advertisements are seamlessly stitched into the content and can be tailored to individual viewers, maximizing monetization opportunities for every ad break and mitigating ad blocking. The service works with any content delivery network to provide dependable, scalable channel assembly and ad personalization.

AWS Elemental MediaTailor Explained


Efficient linear channel creation and distribution

Create live streams with low running cost by using existing encoded content. Provide viewers with better quality video using advanced codecs for higher quality with less bits to reduce distribution costs.

Engage audiences with relevant content

Increase engagement with your audiences by delivering content and ads that are relevant with personalized ad insertions. Serve individual ads or groups of ads based on your specific business needs.

Seamless experience across different devices

Give viewers a seamless, TV-like viewing experience without buffering between program content and ad breaks. Deliver consistent quality playback for your viewers with ad content transcoded to match the program content, so the quality and resolution of your streams remain smooth and predictable.

Increase effectiveness of monetization

Get a faster and better return on investment (ROI) with assembled live channels that have a low running cost, and personalized ads that provide a higher return for each ad impression. Your viewers are also more likely to watch ads to the end if they are relevant to their interests.

Accurate ad view reporting

Get accurate reporting from player and/or server side logs to capture ad view metrics without losing revenue from missing data or lost impressions. All content for streams, including ad content is delivered from one location, which reduces the effectiveness of ad-blockers.

Flexible standards-based solution

Build exactly what you need using standards-based live streams and personalized ad-insertions that works with any content delivery networks (CDN) and a range of protocols and players.

How it works

Channel Assembly with ad insertion


Personalized ad insertion


Customer stories

  • Seven Media West
  • Amazon Video
  • Arc Publishing
  • Seven Media West
  • "Channel Assembly is a landmark development in content delivery in that it allows anyone with a VOD library to get a live channel up and running near-instantly in a cost efficient way, and we’re excited to start using it to start deploying it via MediaTailor alongside our other AWS Media Services,”

    Scott Favelle, Technology Director, Seven West Media

    About Seven Media West

    Seven West Media is one of Australia’s leading integrated media companies, with a presence in broadcast television, magazine and newspaper publishing, and online.

    Customer Snapshot: Seven Media West
  • Amazon Video
  • “We used the AWS Elemental MediaTailor service, which allows us to deliver targeted ads that are seamlessly inserted into the main content, for a great viewer experience. I am confident that AWS Media Services are the path to use the cloud for live streaming at scale.”

    BA Winston, Global Head of Video Playback and Delivery, Amazon Video

    About Amazon Video

    Amazon Prime Video is streaming 11 NFL games in the 2020 season—including 10 Thursday Night Football match-ups and a special Christmas Day game—to tens of millions of customers in more than 200 countries and territories.


  • Arc Publishing
  • “Modern audiences demand greater autonomy over the type of content they watch and when they watch it, and Channel Assembly is helping us rise to the occasion. When we decided to introduce our new Virtual Channels capability into Arc’s video Content Management System (CMS), we knew partnering with AWS’ Media Services was the best way to get to market quickly.

    Channel Assembly will allow us to deliver a unique feature set for composing video-on-demand and live video content into novel live steams and events with individual viewer personalization capabilities and distribute across platforms. Channel Assembly handles the heavy lifting of generating conformant HLS and DASH playlists that work well across these platforms, while our team stays focused on building the tools that make it easy for video producers to create new virtual channels in minutes.”

    Matthew Monahan, Arc Publishing’s VP of Product.

    About Arc Publishing

    Arc Publishing is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform that enables any media company to take advantage of the scalable, flexible publishing platform The Washington Post built for its own newsroom.


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