AWS add-ins for Microsoft System Center extend the functionality of your existing Microsoft System Center implementation. The add-ins are software that you download and install for use with Microsoft System Center Operations Manager and Microsoft System Center Virtual Machine Manager. After you install the add-ins, you can use the familiar System Center interface to view and manage your Amazon EC2 for Microsoft Windows Server resources within the AWS cloud, as well as Windows Servers installed on-premises.

AWS Management Pack for Microsoft System Center enables you to view and monitor your AWS resources directly in the Operations Manager console. This way, you can use a single, familiar console to monitor all of your resources, whether they are on-premises or in the AWS cloud. You get a consolidated view of all your AWS resources across regions and Availability Zones. It also has built-in integration with Amazon CloudWatch so that the metrics and alarms defined in CloudWatch surface as performance counters and alerts in Operations Manager.

The AWS Management Pack enables you to gain deep insight into the health and performance of your applications running within Amazon EC2 instances. The diagram view generated by the management pack makes it easy to traverse between the application and the infrastructure hosting it, with just a few clicks. For example, you can go from an AWS CloudFormation stack to Elastic Load Balancing to Auto Scaling to your EC2 instance, and then to your application.

NOTE: If you have a previous version of the AWS Management Pack for Microsoft System Center already installed in your environment please follow the Microsoft recommended steps for updating Management Packs. If you are installing the Management Pack for the first time please follow the instructions in the AWS MP Guide. Questions? Please check the FAQ.

AWS Systems Manager for Microsoft System Center Virtual Machine Manager (SCVMM) lets you administer your AWS resources using SCVMM. You can monitor and manage your EC2 for Windows instances in the AWS cloud, as well as on-premises virtual machines, from the SCVMM console.

AWS Systems Manager for SCVMM is available to download and install as an add-in to SCVMM. The add-in leverages AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) roles to authenticate to Amazon EC2. Once set up, you can view all EC2 for Windows instances by region and Availability Zone, in addition to other hypervisors and environments already supported within SCVMM. You can use the SCVMM interface to import on-premises virtual machines to the AWS cloud. You can also perform common maintenance tasks such as creating, restarting, stopping, and removing instances, as well as remotely accessing an instance using Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP).

To learn more and get started, visit our documentation page. Questions? Please check the FAQ.