AWS Windows Migration Accelerator

Save costs with AWS Promotional Credits when you accelerate migrations of Windows workloads to AWS.

With customers running Microsoft workloads on AWS for more than 12 years, we have the most experience with Microsoft applications in the cloud and can deliver performance, security, reliability, and cost savings.

AWS Windows Migration Accelerator helps reduce the cost of your migration when you accelerate the migration of Windows servers using AWS Application Migration Service (AWS MGN).

Until December 31, 2024, customers using Application Migration Service to migrate at least 40 servers to AWS in one month — including a minimum of 15 Windows servers — may be eligible to receive a $200 AWS Promotional Credit per Windows server.

If you migrate more than 80 servers — including at least 25 Windows servers — in a calendar month, we will increase the discount to $250 AWS Promotional Credit for each Windows server you migrate to AWS using AWS Application Migration Service.

To receive AWS Promotional Credits under the terms of this promotion (“Terms”), please contact

Migrated servers must be migrated from locations outside of AWS and continuously run on AWS for at least four weeks after migration. We will review metrics from your use of Application Migration Service (including instance type or other information you provide to us) to determine eligibility for credits. AWS Windows Migration Accelerator incentives can be applied on top of already agreed upon sales incentives. AWS Promotional Credits are subject to the terms and conditions found at and are valid for one year from the applicable disbursement date.

We may modify these Terms at any time by posting a revised version on this webpage or by sending you an email using the email address provided in your application for AWS Promotional Credit. The modified Terms will become effective upon posting or, if we notify you by email, as stated in the email message. By receiving or using AWS Promotional Credit, you agree to be bound by the Terms. We last modified these Terms on July 13, 2022.

AWS Windows Migration Accelerator is available in all AWS Regions in which Application Migration Service is supported.

Note: These Terms were last updated on July 13, 2022 to remove credit eligibility for the migration of Linux servers. For clarity, any migration of Linux servers completed prior to July 13, 2022 will be eligible for AWS Promotional Credits under this program. After July 13, 2022, migration of Linux servers will no longer be eligible for AWS Promotional Credits under this program. For questions, please contact

  Calendar month requirement Minimum Windows servers requirement in calendar month AWS Promotional Credit

Tier 2

Total servers migrated in a calendar month: 40-79

15 Windows servers

$200 credit per qualified server according to the terms and conditions

Tier 1

Total servers migrated in a calendar month: at least 80 servers 25 Windows servers $250 credit per qualified server according to the terms and conditions
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Decrease migration costs

AWS Windows Migration Accelerator includes best practices and tools to help you reduce the cost of your migration. You can also receive AWS Promotional Credits to offset costs of simultaneously running two environments during migration.

Simplify and expedite migration

AWS Application Migration Service allows you to migrate applications to AWS without changes and with minimal downtime. AWS Windows Migration Accelerator offers AWS Promotional Credits when you migrate at least 40 servers to help you reach your migration goals faster.

Reduce risk

AWS Windows Migration Accelerator encourages you to set a more predictable migration schedule and allows you to better plan for costs for the 50-70% of your portfolio that can typically be rehosted. This way, your migration can be completed on time and within budget, and you can focus on more complex workloads and modernization.

Migrate servers to AWS with AWS Application Migration Service

Use AWS Application Migration Service to rehost applications and data without changes and with minimal downtime, allowing faster time to production. You can immediately take advantage of in-cloud benefits, such as elasticity and increased security. Modernizing applications is easier once they are in the cloud and can use the technology available on AWS. The Cloud Migration Factory on AWS can help you coordinate and automate large-scale migrations to AWS. AWS Professional Services or an AWS partner can be engaged to assist you if needed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will the servers I have migrated with other AWS services (other than AWS Application Migration Service) be counted towards this program?
No, only servers migrated with Application Migration Service will be counted for this program. 

Will my Linux servers qualify for this program?
Credits are only for Windows servers. However, migrating Linux servers will count in order to qualify for the program (see example below).

How do I sign up?
No sign up is required. Your AWS account automatically qualifies when you meet the program terms per calendar month using AWS Application Migration Service. You will need to send a request to receive credits to The program resets monthly, and credits will be paid only for calendar months where the program terms were met. 

When do I get the credits?
Credits will be calculated and paid upon completion of the program at the end of the term. 

I have several AWS accounts that I use for migration. Can I combine the accounts to qualify for this promotion?
Even though the program pertains to single AWS accounts based on the account ID, you might be able to combine eligibility across multiple account IDs. Please email with your account IDs for consideration. 

Can you give me a few examples of how this program works?

1. A customer migrates 30 servers in a calendar month: no credits are provided, as the customer did not meet the minimum requirements of 40 servers per month.

2. A customer migrates 41 servers in a calendar month, of which 27 are Windows servers: This meets the minimum qualification threshold of 40 servers including at least 15 Windows servers. The 27 Windows servers will qualify for credits. Credits are not paid for migrated Linux servers with this program.

What if I have questions or want to know my status?
Please reach out to your AWS account team or email


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