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AWS Wherever You Need it

Pushing the boundaries of the cloud
to the edge

Pushing the boundaries of the cloud to the edge

Build and run applications securely in the cloud, on premises, and at the edge

Some applications need the benefits of the cloud but can’t be easily moved due to requirements for low latency, data residency, local data processing, or migration and modernization. AWS is reinventing hybrid cloud by bringing AWS wherever you need it for seamless and secure experiences—from the cloud, to data centers, large metro areas and 5G networks, smart factories or buildings, and beyond.

Bring your edge, hybrid, or IoT use cases to life

Deliver low-latency applications

Bring cloud infrastructure and services in physical proximity to your end users or smart devices to support real-time applications and immersive end-user experiences.

Migrate and modernize

Work with proven AWS programs and partners to migrate and modernize your on-premises and edge applications using AWS hybrid cloud services and familiar management, tooling, and APIs.

Meet data residency requirements

Store your data in a specific country, state, or municipality to address security and tax regulatory requirements, data sovereignty regulations, and changing geopolitical dynamics.

Process data locally

Process large volumes of data locally with a consistent hybrid cloud architecture, and then easily move it to the cloud for machine learning (ML) model training and long-term archiving in data lakes.

Watch Hybrid Cloud & Edge Day On-Demand

Today, millions of customers are moving to the cloud faster than ever before. Discover how AWS is offering lower costs, more agility, and innovative options to meet your cloud computing needs wherever you need it. Watch all the on-demand videos from the live event.

Power your on-premises and edge applications - Illustration

Power your on-premises and edge applications

Key hybrid and edge resources

Optimize industrial operations with digital twins

Industry analyst IDC examines AWS IoT services as a cornerstone in the operational digital journey.

Modernize your enterprise with AWS Outposts

Innovate faster and more effectively by bringing the cloud into your data center, colocation space, or on-premises environment.

Break down barriers to your media and gaming business’s success

Shorten time to market, resolve data residency issues, and provide differentiated and faster user experiences with a consistent AWS experience across the cloud, on premises, and at the edge.

Bring the power of AWS hybrid and edge services to healthcare and life sciences organizations

Run workloads where your organization needs them to be deployed to meet low-latency, local data processing, and data residency requirements.