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New AWS Partner Success Stories and AWS Customer Case Studies Featuring AWS Partners

We’ve recently published three new AWS Partner Success videos, and I wanted to share a little more about the two AWS Partners featured in these videos today.

AWS Partner Success Stories 

2nd Watch

2nd Watch is an enterprise workload management provider that helps companies accelerate data center capacity growth through adoption of the Amazon Web Services cloud. The organization’s cloud-native services and tools implement and automate critical workload management processes including migration, procurement, provisioning, operations, financial management, and governance. The company is a Premier APN Consulting Partner, an AWS MSP Partner, and holds a number of APN Competencies, including the recently announced APN DevOps Competency.

You can read more about 2nd Watch and their journey on AWS here.


MicroStrategy is a leading worldwide provider of enterprise software platforms. The company’s mission is to provide enterprise analytics, mobility, and security platforms that are flexible, powerful, scalable, and user-friendly. MicroStrategy is an ‘all-in’ APN Technology Partner with AWS, and holds the APN Big Data Competency.

We will continue to publish a number of AWS Partner Success videos throughout the remainder of 2015, so stay tuned.

AWS Customer Case Studies Featuring AWS Partners

We’ve also recently published AWS Customer Case Studies that feature great work done by AWS Partners to provide additional value to these customers on AWS. Check them out!

Delaware North

Delaware North originated in 1915 as a peanut and popcorn concessions vendor; today, it’s a major food and hospitality company serving half a billion customers each year. Its on-premises data center was becoming too expensive and inefficient to support its global business operations, so it turned to AWS to move most of its enterprise applications and operations to the cloud. The move, which reduced its server footprint by more than 90 percent, is expected to save Delaware North at least $3.5 million in IT acquisitions and maintenance over five years. Using AWS also helped Delaware North enhance its security compliance, improve disaster recovery, and deliver services to customers and internal teams much faster than in the past.

The company received assistance from AWS Professional Services in the design phase and worked closely with Cloudreach, a Premier APN Consulting Partner, on the project execution. “Cloudreach was instrumental in helping us continue to run a 24/7 global business while migrating our entire enterprise infrastructure,” says Scott Mercer, head of the IT department’s service-oriented architecture team.

Read more here.


Citymaps, a startup based in New York, NY, provides a social mapping platform available on iOS, Android, and the web and supports the easy creation and sharing of maps by different users around the world. The mission of Citymaps is simple: make mapping a social activity. The company strives to provide an attractive and intuitive mapping interface that allows users to seamlessly share individual locations, or a collection of locations, and to discover new places to explore. From inception, Citymaps has made it a priority to maintain operational efficiency with a small engineering team that is focused on the development of applications. In addition to being able to put its resources toward application development rather than infrastructure operations, the team’s key needs included the ability to scale effectively as the company grew and an efficient way to measure application response time, error rates, and service availability. Citymaps began using AWS four years ago, soon after the company was founded. “Very early on, we made the decision to move to AWS, and we’ve been very happy with that choice,” explains Bob Matsuoka, CTO of Citymaps. In order to get turnkey, analytics-like reporting for its application logs, the company engaged with Loggly, an APN Technology Partner.

“With AWS, we’ve been able to largely focus on development rather than operations, which I think is a main goal of every startup,” says Matsuoka. “In a startup operation where we run 30 servers, the fact that we have around 50 hours per month of resources devoted to operations is a testament to our operations efficiency. We typically don’t have to think about operations.” Citymaps has also benefited in using Loggly on top of AWS. “AWS is great in that it is agnostic as far as your applications go,” says Matsuoka. “Using Loggly on top of the AWS platform allows us to get a high level of visibility into the health of our applications, both from a performance perspective and a stability perspective. We have experienced much less application downtime since we started using Loggly because we are catching issues before they happen.”

Read the full story here.