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New Features for APN Partners in the AWS Public Sector Contract Center

AWS Partner NetworkWe are excited to announce an expansion of the AWS Public Sector Contract Center.

The new AWS Public Sector Contract Center includes a broader set of AWS Partner Network (APN) Partner contract vehicles and related information that can be used by public sector organizations to procure AWS services.

Check out the AWS Public Sector Contract Center >>

We have also expanded the Contract Center’s focus by going global—the page now includes contract vehicles for international public sector organizations.

How it Works

There are many contract vehicles currently available to Federal, Education, State & Local, or International public sector organizations. If you have a contract vehicle that enables the sale of AWS services, the AWS Public Sector Contract Center is a great way for customers to find you.

By selecting either Federal, Education, State & Local, or International, public sector organizations can identify relevant APN Partner contract vehicles. For example, customers and APN Partners can access important details for:

How to List Contract Vehicles

For each contract vehicle meeting the criteria, there is a dedicated section highlighting relevant contract information, including APN Partners that hold the contract vehicle.

Criteria for listing contract vehicles:

  • Organizations must be enrolled in the AWS Partner Network (APN).
  • Contract vehicles must enable the sale of AWS services or AWS-based solutions.
  • Partners can submit requests to add additional contract vehicles or add their company name to an existing contract vehicle by contacting their Partner Development Manager (PDM) and supplying relevant details.

Next Steps

Visit the AWS Public Contract Center to search for APN Partner contract vehicles.

APN Partners and public sector organizations may also visit the AWS Partner Solutions Finder to find APN Partners who hold specific contract vehicles.