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Using Amazon SNS to Trigger Lambda Functions

Tim Wagner, AWS Lambda Using Amazon SNS to Trigger Lambda Functions Sending messages to SNS can now also trigger Lambda functions, allowing you to add arbitrary compute capabilities to any service or application that knows how to send messages, such as Amazon CloudWatch alarms. Intelligent IT: Triggering Code by Sending it Messages SNS is an […]

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AWS Lambda is Generally Available

Tim Wagner, AWS Lambda AWS Lambda Now Generally Available AWS Lambda has exited preview and is now ready for production workloads! Increased Default Limits AWS Lambda is designed to scale to the size of your workload, whether that’s one request a month or 10,000 a second. As a safety precaution each account has two limits: […]

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Understanding Container Reuse in AWS Lambda

Tim Wagner, AWS Lambda AWS Lambda functions execute in a container (sandbox) that isolates them from other functions and provides the resources, such as memory, specified in the function’s configuration. In this article we discuss how Lambda creates and reuses these sandboxes, and the impact of those policies on the programming model. Startup The first […]

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Compute content at re:Invent 2014

Tim Wagner, AWS Lambda AWS re:Invent 2014 Recap The 2014 re:Invent conference was an exciting venue for us to launch new compute-related services and features, including the Amazon EC2 Container Service, which supports Docker containers and lets you easily run distributed applications on a managed cluster of EC2 instances, and AWS Lambda, a new compute […]

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Welcome to the AWS Compute Blog

Tim Wagner, AWS Lambda GM and Deepak Singh, Amazon ECS Sr. Manager   Welcome to the AWS Compute blog! This blog covers compute services offered by AWS, including Amazon EC2, Amazon ECS, and AWS Lambda, with a focus on new trends in cloud computing. In it you’ll find Announcements and discussions of new features Deep […]

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