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Hardening code reviews on GitHub Enterprise repositories with Amazon CodeGuru

This post walks you through associating the GitHub Enterprise repository with Amazon CodeGuru Reviewer. This repository support is available for both self-hosted and cloud-hosted GitHub Enterprise options. In this post, we focus on associating CodeGuru with the repository on a self-hosted GitHub Enterprise Server. CodeGuru Reviewer offers automated code reviews to catch difficult-to-find defects in […]

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Detecting concurrency bugs with Amazon CodeGuru

This post discusses the types of concurrency bugs Amazon CodeGuru detects and how developers can fix them. CodeGuru automatically analyzes pull requests (created in supported repositories like CodeCommit, GitHub, GitHub Enterprise, and Bitbucket) and generates recommendations about how to improve your code quality. For more information, see Automating code reviews and application profiling with Amazon […]

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Screenshot to Connect to Bitbucket

Automated code reviews on Bitbucket repositories and other enhancements in Amazon CodeGuru

This post covers the support for the Atlassian Bitbucket Cloud source repository for Amazon CodeGuru Reviewer, which was recently announced. It also delves into new functionalities introduced to enhance the developer experience in CodeGuru Reviewer. CodeGuru Reviewer is a machine learning-based service that scans your pull requests and gives you recommendations against your source code […]

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Automating code reviews and application profiling with Amazon CodeGuru

Amazon CodeGuru is a machine learning-based service released during re:Invent 2019 for automated code reviews and application performance recommendations. CodeGuru equips the development teams with the tools to maintain a high bar for coding standards in their software development process. CodeGuru Reviewer helps developers avoid introducing issues that are difficult to detect, troubleshoot, reproduce, and […]

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