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The new Amazon GameSparks is coming

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As was mentioned in our AWS GDC keynote, I’m excited to pre-announce a new service, Amazon GameSparks. Amazon GameSparks is a managed service providing backend feature tools for building, running, and scaling games. Amazon GameSparks will enable developers to spend less time thinking about backend services, and instead focus their time on delivering the best player experiences. We have learned from GameSparks and designed the new Amazon GameSparks from the ground-up using AWS primitives to be cloud scale, purpose built for games, and tightly integrated with AWS and Amazon services.

We understand that our game developer customers range in size and experience, from AAA enterprise studios and publishers to fledgling developers taking their first steps in dorm rooms. We’ve been gathering data and, most importantly, listening to our customers to ensure that Amazon GameSparks provides the right tools to simplify backend development. Customers have told us the aspects of GameSparks they liked – simplicity, flexibility, and configurability. Customers also told us about the need for scaling to millions of players worldwide across platforms with low latency, and high availability. Based on this feedback, we built Amazon GameSparks as an AWS service to offer configurable games backend features such as Identity, Authentication, Economy, Player Progression, and Cloud Code. Amazon GameSparks is intended for customers with limited cloud experience.

At AWS, we are committed to developing solutions that empower developers of any size to build, run, and grow games that delight players. From servers that scale with tens of millions of players anywhere in the world, to databases and analytics services processing and analyzing terabytes to petabytes of data with millisecond latency, we continually evaluate our product roadmaps and the best delivery methods for the products and services our customers need. We are investing in the next generation of game solutions, unlocking improved scalability, and increasingly rapid feature development that provide customers with the tools for success both now and in the future.

Before the end of the year we will share more details about the new Amazon GameSparks. It will be the first of several iterations to come, followed by more releases, and always in response to the customer feedback gathered along the way. We look forward to delivering even more ways that AWS Game Tech will empower developers to better engage their player communities, stir innovation, and reduce costs via world-class reliability.

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