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The future of revenue management: An interview with Ben Vinod, revenue management author and expert

We frequently ask travel and hospitality companies, including airlines, hotels, travel sellers, ground transportation companies, and more, “What is your focus now that demand for travel is returning?” Invariably, they answer, “Improve our pricing strategy and sales, and enhance our revenue management (RM) capabilities.” We decided to dive deep into these topics and put together […]

How to plan for peak demand on an AWS serverless digital-commerce platform

Lessons from top retailers who manage Black Friday and other peak events on Amazon Web Services (AWS) Traditionally, retailers experience only one or two peak shopping events per year—a common example is Black Friday. But in an increasingly unpredictable economy, organizations need agile platforms that can respond to demand increases whenever and wherever they arise. For […]

See how Capital One is using AWS machine learning at scale to transform banking and payments

Capital One has been a disrupter in the financial services industry since 1994, using technology to transform banking and payments. Today, the “digital bank” is all in on Amazon Web Services (AWS), embracing data analytics, microservices, artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and other solutions to continue to innovate. We have successfully exited all of […]

How Morningstar and AWS are delivering Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) outcomes through partnership

In a previous post titled “Engineering for DEI: Tapping IT Creativity and Technique to Address Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion,” authors Wesley Story and Mark Schwartz recommend rethinking organizational approaches to delivering DEI outcomes. They challenge readers to approach DEI like core engineering projects. Shifting from monolithic develop-then-test approaches to a more iterative mindset creates the […]

Zero touch deployment of multi-vendor private 5G networks

Analysts forecast that the market for private LTE and 5G networks will more than quadruple by 2026 (IDC). Wireless networking use cases in verticals such as manufacturing, industrials, and logistics will be significant drivers of this expansion. These are precisely the verticals that our AWS Customer Experience Center in Munich, Germany was built to help […]

Economics of EDA on AWS: License Cost Optimization

Introduction Electronic Design Automation (EDA) workloads have traditionally run on-premises on a combination of latest and older generation compute servers. The performance penalty of running Electronic Design Automation (EDA) on older generation hardware is often neglected in discussions and Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) models. With EDA license costs greatly exceeding IT spend in silicon […]

CPG partner conversations: How DXC is turning disruption into opportunity in the CPG industry

The COVID-19 pandemic created unprecedented disruption to businesses and global markets. Although most of the world appears to be past the uncertainty and turbulence of the pandemic, companies, especially in the consumer packaged goods (CPG) industry, continue to deal with major challenges, like supply chain disruptions and labor shortages. At the same time, consumer buying […]

Build a Member-360 Unified View Using Data Mesh with Amazon HealthLake

Build a Member-360 Unified View Using Data Mesh with Amazon HealthLake

Every healthcare organization is trying to solve the problem of structuring their data to create a unified 360-degree view of their patients or members. Doing this correctly allows you can make better patient support decisions, operate more efficiently, and identify population health trends. This is part one (of a two-part blog series) where we demonstrate […]

From concept to creation: How Just Walk Out technology is giving consumers a new reason to shop

Shopping is a highly personal experience—one that elicits different feelings among different people. For some, shopping can be an enjoyable, easy, or even therapeutic experience. Other times, shopping can put a great deal of pressure on people. In fact, sometimes shopping can increase the friction people face in their everyday lives. But with Just Walk […]

Voice enabling participant diary collection powered by AI on AWS – Part 2

Voice enabling participant diary collection powered by AI on AWS – Part 2

Blog is guest authored by Dr. Isaac R. Rodriguez-Chavez, SVP, Scientific and Clinical Affairs, Head, Decentralized Clinical Trials and Digital Medicine, Drug Development Solutions, ICON plc Learn how to integrate voice enabled diary collection into patient trials. Doing this could translate into a better participant experience―helping optimize study efficiencies to obtain quality efficacy and safety […]