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Global Luxury Fashion Brand ISAIA Simplifies Omnichannel Operations with XY Retail

XY Retail blogItalian luxury lifestyle menswear brand ISAIA was striving to excel amid the complexities of modern omnichannel retail. Across in-store, online, and wholesale channels, ISAIA required a robust and open solution to deliver a seamless customer experience.

ISAIA’s previous point-of-sale (POS), customer relationship management, ecommerce, and enterprise resource planning solutions were slow, siloed, and prone to outages. Wanting a scalable solution, ISAIA engaged Amazon Web Services (AWS) Retail Competency Partner, XY Retail.

As an AWS Retail Competency Partner—a designation for AWS Partners with innovative technology offerings that accelerate brand and retailer modernization—XY Retail provides a cloud-native, API-driven solution for retail brands. Using XY Retail’s solution, ISAIA centralized its global POS, ecommerce, customer, inventory, and sales data to deliver a seamless shopping experience across touchpoints.

Streamlining Company Processes on a Global Scale

As a global business selling in over 10 countries, ISAIA faced daunting operational complexities. Its operations needed an upgrade so it could streamline complex processes, from managing pricing across markets to delivering a consistent experience across ecommerce and retail stores. Seeking a scalable, intelligent solution, ISAIA turned to XY Retail and began implementing its omnichannel retail platform.

Evidenced by achieving an AWS Competency in AWS Retail, XY Retail understands the challenges faced by modern retailers. “Customers are shopping online, through digital marketplaces, in apps, and in stores,” says Jonas Majauskas, customer success manager at XY Retail. “And in retail, different channels are often siloed, complicating the sales process and hurting the customer and associate experience.”

XY Retail’s solution provides sales associates and operational teams with accurate and reliable data access by centralizing data across multiple retail applications into one platform. For example, retail employees need to see order, customer, and inventory data in real-time to fulfill online orders. If these employees sign in to four different systems for ecommerce, POS, inventory, and shipping, their time is taken away from more valuable tasks. XY Retail centralizes access to all this data.

After consulting with the XY Retail team, ISAIA quickly realized that the company’s solution was the right fit. “When I saw XY Retail’s product, I was impressed,” says Jay Chen, senior director of sales and operations at ISAIA. “Its features were extremely advanced.”

In February 2020, XY Retail and ISAIA launched the solution with resounding success, going live in retail and outlets stores within 12 weeks—a speed to market that is virtually unheard of in retail. Since then, ISAIA has expanded its footprint, with new store openings in St. Moritz, Chicago, Miami, Toronto, and London. “Opening new markets and onboarding new stores is done in minutes with XY Retail,” says Majauskas. “The solution can be deployed across 23 countries with robust localization capabilities.”

Creating Business Value Using AWS Services

XY Retail’s platform establishes a single POS system for ISAIA’s retail locations and online storefronts, simplifying training and usability. Employees use one system to access all customer, order, product, and inventory data globally. The system is powered by Amazon DynamoDB, a fast, flexible NoSQL database service for single-digit millisecond performance at any scale. XY Retail uses the scalability, availability, and reliability of Amazon DynamoDB to drive business value for ISAIA. “XY Retail’s solution incorporates seamlessly with our internal and customer service processes,” says Chen. “The efficiency, productivity, and speed of the system are incredible.”

Because the system can quickly access data stored on Amazon DynamoDB, ISAIA can speed up crucial processes. ISAIA can process global transactions in less than 1 second and can fulfill omnichannel orders 300 percent faster. Using Amazon DynamoDB and AWS services such as Amazon CloudFront, a content delivery network service built for high performance, security, and developer convenience, XY Retail can support ISAIA’s global operations and deliver mission-critical applications such as clienteling, omnichannel order orchestration, catalog management, and automated tax reporting.

XY Retail’s clienteling capabilities empower sales associates at ISAIA to boost stores’ foot traffic and improve sell-through rates. Associates can curate sales experiences in store and remotely using an advanced recommendation engine, real-time customer omnichannel purchase history, and cross-store stock visibility to meet each customer’s needs, regardless of touchpoint. “Having clienteling built into the POS system is super exciting,” says Chen. “We can carefully curate each sales experience so that it feels very elegant.” ISAIA can assign customer segments to different associates who can develop targeted campaigns based on individual customer profiles, driving sales opportunities.

ISAIA corporate teams can build custom reports, onboard new stores, deploy new collections, and run bulk markdowns within minutes using microservices available on XY Retail’s platform. From manufacturing to the store floor, new collections are automatically deployed across the system with little intervention required by the ISAIA team. XY Retail manages product images, marketing attributes, price lists, inventory availability, and other key assets to deploy new collections seamlessly. When the markdown season begins, merchandisers can schedule and run bulk markdowns, which are deployed across all channels.

Post purchase, all in-store and online orders are automatically sent to ISAIA’s tax reporting system and filed with the appropriate agencies—vastly reducing manual labor for the retailer. “For tax reporting, there’s nothing to discuss in terms of effort,” says Chen. “The solution files our transactions in real time and with minimal error.”

Developing Partnerships for the Future

With XY Retail, ISAIA has a unified commerce platform across stores, ecommerce, and wholesale channels. Its stores can handle complex omnichannel scenarios, drive foot traffic with mobile clienteling, and fulfill online orders 300 percent faster—and its corporate teams can onboard new stores in minutes, deploy new collections across any sales channel, and automate tax reporting processes across markets.

Because ISAIA has unlocked a centralized view of its data, it can deploy a fast, scalable, and serverless approach to grow its physical and digital operations. Together, XY Retail and ISAIA will continue to work to streamline ISAIA’s business, unlocking value for customers and employees in the process. “We’re proud to work with XY Retail on a global scale,” says Chen. “Its ability to innovate and its level of customer service are unparalleled.”

To learn more about ISAIA’s digital transformation, read the full case study here.

AWS Retail Competency Partner Spotlight

Headquartered in New York City, XY Retail provides a cloud-based solution that simplifies global commerce for brands and retailers to sell globally across physical and digital channels. Praised by sales associates, stylists, store operation teams, merchandisers, finance and IT teams around the world, the cloud-native XY Retail platform empowers retailers with a robust point-of-sale (POS) system and Unified Commerce solution to delight customers every day in-store and remotely. The XY Retail platform delivers a flexible retail system to manage point-of-sale activities, customers, product catalogs, inventory, sales, integrated eCommerce, mobile applications, digital marketing, and data management across 27 countries.

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Jennifer Beckett

Jennifer Beckett

Jennifer Beckett is the Global Retail Partner Leader at AWS where she focuses on building and growing the retail partner ecosystem. Prior to AWS, Jennifer spent over 25 years enabling CPGs and retailers to improve through data-driven collaborative processes across supply chain, category management and trade promotion management. Jennifer is a member of the Consumer Goods Forum SC Pillar, NRF Associate Members Council and EnsembleIQ’s Executive Council. She holds a Supply Chain Management degree from Michigan State University and received her MBA at Loyola Marymount University in International Marketing.