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How Salesforce and AWS deliver a Hyperforce advantage for healthcare

Increasingly digital populations are demanding more from healthcare services. A recently published Deloitte survey of 2,000 Australians reports 70% willing to use virtual healthcare services, and 80% ready to share their health data in a digitally enabled health system.

This behavioral shift is testing the limits of legacy healthcare systems; sending governments and healthcare organizations in search of new cloud systems capable of delivering secure, patient-first outcomes at scale. Salesforce and Amazon Web Services (AWS) have responded to market conditions with Hyperforce.

About Hyperforce

Hyperforce is Salesforce’s Customer 360 platform re-architected to unify the foundations of various clouds (including Salesforce Health Cloud), and allow secure and rapid scaling by using public cloud partners. Advances in the security and compliance protocols of the public cloud in recent years allow Salesforce to take advantage of the immense benefits of world-class computing platforms such as AWS. As the Hyperforce cloud partner for Australia and New Zealand, AWS enables Salesforce to expand quickly and meet local data storage requirements.

The benefits for healthcare solutions based on Hyperforce and AWS are:

  • Scalable to meet surges in demand
  • High performing for dependable interactions
  • Secure and highly compliant


Salesforce and AWS have in common a commitment to deliver significant customer experiences. This is underpinned by artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) in both cases. Benefits include:

  • Innovation – at both the application and infrastructure level. This enables healthcare organizations to create apps within an agile development and rapid deployment environment, which is exponentially scalable in line with demand. Combined with Salesforce’s low code platform and out of the box capabilities for healthcare, Salesforce and AWS are a potent combination for iterative workflow development.
  • Multichannel Distribution – allowing organizations to scale applications by exposing them to a multitude of channels, including mobile. This combined on the front-end with Salesforce capabilities for omni-channel engagement of customers are key to truly engage a digital audience.
  • Workflow automation – enabling healthcare organizations to rapidly scale their ability to build, train, test, deploy, and iterate apps faster on AWS. IT teams are enabled by AWS Workflow Automation in development and implementation in the back office. The concept of workflow automation also includes Salesforce’s capabilities on the front-end, removing cognitive burden and introducing efficiencies in daily tasks for clinical and administrative staff.

Salesforce’s customers moving to AWS will benefit from the ability to expand and connect additional workflows with clicks, not code. This will make deploying B2B and B2C solutions more scalable in more applications.


It stands to reason that Salesforce customers will enjoy the benefits of reduced latency, shorter routes between data centers and users, and a continually refreshed hardware environment. AWS’s elastic provisioning of compute power and data storage brings another significant performance advantage for Salesforce.

When you consider the uneven demands of customer-facing applications, it becomes critical to accommodate spikes without encountering capacity challenges. This modality is vastly different from the traditional ‘grow until you hit a ceiling’ mindset and method of investing in more capacity.

Ultimately, elastic performance enables continuous innovation without boundaries―an incredibly powerful proposition for the Salesforce healthcare community.

Security and compliance

AWS is guided by the value of customer obsession, placing its focus on creating secure places for businesses to innovate. Trust is Salesforce’s number one value. Through this alliance, Salesforce clients have access to pervasive encryption across every workload.

Simply put, building on already compliant infrastructure allows Salesforce clients to move faster. AWS understands that good compliance requires a deep understanding of standards, the ability to consistently apply them, and the engagement of auditors to monitor and verify them. Customers using Salesforce on AWS have all the assurances of the highest level of compliance certification in Australia.

Additionally, both organizations have been assessed at the PROTECTED level by the Information Security Registered Assessors Program (IRAP). Also, AWS is among the first wave of organizations to be granted ‘strategic’ certification under the Australian government’s hosting certification framework (HCF). This provides valuable reassurance for healthcare providers operating within a framework of onerous regulations, which require the secure handling of patient data.

Building on a trusted platform

The biggest benefit of the partnership between Salesforce and AWS in delivering Salesforce Hyperforce is trust. Trust is pivotal to the relationship between a healthcare provider and their customer.

For many years, AWS has provided healthcare service providers, medical researchers, insurance and other healthcare services the secure, resilient global cloud infrastructure and services they need to continuously innovate. Additionally, AWS delivers some of the most stringent security requirements in the world, as well as services with great breadth and depth to accelerate its customers’ paths to successful cloud adoption. Salesforce has been providing healthcare solutions to Federal, State and local organizations and to private healthcare for over 20 years. Through this exciting union, Salesforce is empowering its customers, including healthcare organizations across the region, to continue to operate in a variety of situations in a highly trusted environment.

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About Salesforce

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Simon Elisha

Simon Elisha

Simon Elisha, is the AWS Chief Technologist in Australia, New Zealand and Oceania, and the Director of Chief Technologists in Asia Pacific & Japan, across Worldwide Public Sector. As a leader of technology teams across 14 countries, he is a visionary and translator of innovation into clear business benefit. He advocates being “stubborn on vision and flexible on detail”. Nine cloud technology patents underline his commitment to innovation. Simon hosts The Official AWS Podcast for developers and IT professionals (with 12m+ downloads and 3m+ listened hours), as well as more than 20 episodes of This is My Architecture on YouTube.

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Trivita Winataputri

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